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Ten Best Writing Apps for Authors

Being a writer is not always that simple as it may seem. Most people, who are incurious about this craft, think that writing is all about inspiration and a stretch of the imagination. However, such an opinion is based on a mistaken understanding of the whole process. In fact, being a knight of the pen means practicing all the time. For this very reason, all consummate professionals spend much time perfecting their skills by crafting and polishing their texts until they are perfect.

Luckily for them, there are numerous digital tools designed specifically for aspiring authors so as the latter ones can make their process of writing more effective. Read on, to find out what are the best writing apps available on the Net nowadays.


It is hard to find a writer who doesn’t suffer from the so-called “writer’s block” on occasion. And this app is designed specifically for those who have no idea of what to write about at the moment. By helping them to fight creative blocks, it allows them to elaborate ideas and conjure up interesting topics for journaling, blogging, etc. Download the app to see how easily your brain can develop impressive storylines and inspire new ideas once you manipulate the wheel and produce some combinations.


With the help of this piece of software for writers, representing your ideas visually becomes so easy. A plain interface will not distract you from your thoughts; moreover, it will help you organize them in a logical way. This is how you can look at your ideas from the outside. By highlighting and customizing branches you can divide all your thoughts into sub-groups and mark which one matters more than others. If you are a visual thinker, then you should definitely have it in your toolkit.


Often, authors struggle to come up with ideas for further brainstorming, especially when they write essays for money and thus deal with lots of unfamiliar topics. This is when this software does a great job! With it, it becomes much easier to list all your prompts. A built-in dictionary will allow you to look up for any word without the need to google it, while a Notepad feature will enable hassle-free writing, editing, and printing of all your notes.


There is evidence indicating that music helps us concentrate better. For this very reason, it is recommended to listen to your favorite jams while working. This app will allow you to create your own playlist or access an already-made one for more creative writing. Some sorts of music may even inspire you to create a story about a character from your imagination. With no doubt, listening to music while crafting is always such a good idea.


This software is a great help when it comes to keeping a record of all your submitted works, including essays, narrations, novels, and so forth with ease. Since far not all publishers allow submitting more than one work simultaneously, you are very likely to get balled up in your submissions, especially if you deal with lots of papers and journals. This writing app for an iPad will help you manage your work process much better and will allow you to record the income you get for every piece of writing. It is hard to imagine how a modern freelance author can go without this app at this time.


This service is one of the best Windows apps developed for writers. If you are tempted to distract from your work for checking social media notifications and emails every quarter of an hour, then this software is your life-saver. By preventing you from accessing a list of blocked resources you have come up with earlier, it will make your working process more productive and less stressful.


Nothing is perfect, and your English probably is not an exception. However, if in your toolkit, there is the app that is aimed at helping writers become authors, then it is all right to make some mistakes on occasion. By highlighting too lengthy sentences, grammatical slips, and misspellings, this software will help you detect and correct all your errors in a romp.


Its name speaks for itself. This app is designed specifically for those who are tempted to procrastinate on a regular basis. By offering you rewards for completing a particular amount of the text, it will encourage you to give up on many distractions and write more.


It is normal if you struggle to link your ideas together from time to time, especially when you are engaged in writing a lengthy piece. This software is meant to help you break down your plot into logical parts and develop various story elements so as you can create your paper without a great deal of difficulty. A user-friendly interface will let you collect all your thoughts and ideas in one place and arrange them in no time.


Among many writing apps for Android, this software is one of the best picks when it comes to boosting your productivity. It will allow you to take notes any time and in any place, the very moment a brilliant idea occurs to you. Moreover, with it, you will have no problems managing your time properly, and you will never lose things you find on the Web. Creating to-do-lists and sharing content with others on social networking platforms have never been that easy as it is today with this software.

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