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Uplifting Self-Care Solutions When You Feel Isolated

Learn the easiest and most effective ways to comfort yourself when you’re lonely. Our five tips will lift you up and remind you you’re never really alone.

In 2020, our world changed as no one could ever imagine. We have experienced isolation from our loved ones, and for many, that’s still the case. Getting a vaccine offers hope. Yet, there’s still a ways to go until we gain a sense of “normal” again. 

Being separated from friends and family is challenging, to say the least. It makes you feel lonely, and you yearn for the day when you can socialize more often. 

So what are helpful things to do when you feel separated from others and alone? 

Here are five uplifting ways to give yourself some love. Remember, you’re never alone, even if it may feel that way at times. 

1. Escape to a Faraway Land by Reading 

Taking comfort in the pages of a book can take your mind off feeling lonely. 

There’s nothing like escaping into a new world and getting to know new characters. If you haven’t been reading as of late, there’s no time like the present. You might love to read but got out of the habit. To get back into it, start reading a chapter a day. Before you know it, you’ll have read a new book! 

There are sites like Goodreads that’ll motivate you to read. On Goodreads, you can keep track of the books you’re reading and create lists. You can also become friends with fellow readers and chat about your current reads. Give it a try — it’s a blast! 

Say you’d like to deviate from a historical fiction or science fiction genre. Then self-help and improvement books are also excellent reads. 

Try picking up something you haven’t read before. It’ll open up a brand new world. Who knew “befriending” a book could be so much fun!

2. “Socialize” on an Online Forum

When you’re getting down on yourself, think of ways to socialize online. Facebook and Instagram may come to mind, but it may be you want a break from these social sites. 

There are more productive ways to be “social” on the internet, such as on a forum. 

Consider joining an online forum. It’s a safe place online to discuss your interests and anxieties with other people. Some people are going through the same thing you are. Open up, and you’ll feel comforted knowing someone out there cares about you. 

It’ll also be nice to discuss what you’re going through with like-minded people. Even if their opinion differs from yours, you can learn from their perspective. 

You may make a friend who is experiencing the same thing, and you can offer each other support. Who knows— at some point, you may decide to meet in person and become lifelong friends!

3. Take a Walk (And Listen to Music!) 

Even if you don’t feel like it, get up and go outside. It’s time to go on a walk! 

Walking is a superb way to clear your head and get your mind off what ails you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re walking in your neighborhood or on a hiking trail. While you exercise, take the time to observe your surroundings. Concentrate on what’s around you. 

If you haven’t tried meditation before, this is an excellent way to start. Focusing on your current surroundings helps you gain perspective. Soon you’ll find your feelings of loneliness melt away. 

Enjoying nature also allows you to meet other people who are spending time outdoors too. Being in the presence of other people without necessarily talking to them is a comfort. 

If you prefer not to meditate and instead would like to listen to music, do that. Uplifting music is nourishing for the soul and will undoubtedly improve your mood.

4. Validate Your Emotions

It’s good to participate in uplifting activities to improve your mood. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with validating what you’re going through

Sitting with your emotions is a healthy way to move past your loneliness. It’ll help you understand why you’re feeling the way you are. To fully grasp what you’re going through, stick to the facts. It won’t help you feel better if you’re hard on yourself for feeling the way you do. 

Validation means accepting what you’re feeling and not fighting it. It’s okay to get upset or angry, as long as you don’t act on these emotions in an unhealthy way. 

The more you confirm your emotions, the better. You’ll learn more about yourself and recognize your triggers. Still, be present in the moment. Sometimes you need to cry it out and then pick yourself back up.

5. Perform Acts of Kindness

One of the most rewarding ways to ward off loneliness is to help others who may be experiencing the same thing you are. To do this, look for ways to be kind. 

Performing an act of kindness doesn’t have to be elaborate. Try something simple, like helping to carry a bag for an older person. Or, you could help someone in need during your free time. 

Right now, businesses are struggling. Consider volunteering with a small local business you like to help them out. One idea is to work on a company’s social media if they’re having a hard time generating sales. 

Being there for people, even strangers, has a powerful effect. Not only does it help you feel good, but the people you assist recognize your kindness. In turn, they will want to perform good deeds for others, too. 


It’s normal to feel lonely, especially during this time in our lives. But remember: you don’t have to go through it alone. 

Challenging as it may be initially, do your best to find ways to cope. Participating in positive activities will get you out of your slump. 

Continue to try uplifting methods and activities that’ll help you cope. Go on walks, volunteer your time, and try the other techniques we mentioned. They’ll do you a world of good and uplift your mood in no time!

Author bio:

Caitlin Sinclair is the Property Manager at Azure (CA) and has five years of experience in property management and many years in Customer Service. She shares her passion for her community in all that she does and thrives at making Azure the place to call home for current and future residents.

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