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The Best AW18 Styles for Your Wardrobe

Despite what Game of Thrones might have you believe, winter isn’t just coming: it’s already banging on the door and bringing an icy chill right along with it. So, you’ll need to update your wardrobe and layer-up to stand any chance of fighting off the cold this year.

It’s time to discard the loose-fitting tees and vests of the summer, and instead start flaunting warm coats, gloves, hats and scarves. The winter season is all about layering, but there’s a fine line between dressing comfortably and wearing so many layers you end up looking like the Michelin Man on steroids.

Although you might not need an entirely new wardrobe, every guy will want a few extra layers once the temperature finally drops; while you’ll also need to think about which garments match up well together.
To give you a little inspiration, these are some of the top styles you should be aiming for this winter:

The Fur-Lined Parka

The Fur-Lined Parka
Okay, so it might remind you of Liam Gallagher strutting about at Glastonbury, but the parka is still top dog when it comes to winter men’s jackets. For years, it’s been helping us through the colder months and protecting us against those icy winds, becoming an essential addition to every guy’s winter wardrobe.

The best parka jackets will come with warm thermal lining and plenty of handy pockets, while those with faux fur hoods feel particularly snug when you’re combatting the elements. These are the perfect coats for wrapping up warm, while the sudden rise of retro 90’s-style means a parka will go with pretty much anything you throw on this winter.

Although you might be tempted to just go full-Gallagher and firmly zip it up to the top, a fur-lined parka is a surprisingly versatile jacket, perfect for leaving open and pairing up with a stylish jumper, plaid shirt or piece of knitwear.

The Flannel Shirt

The Flannel Shirt
No matter what time of year it is, you just can’t go wrong with a good flannel shirt. However, the thick wool materials and impressive insulation make these shirts a fantastic option for the winter period.

Despite what you might have heard, flannel shirts aren’t just for hipsters, either, and they’re still up there as one of the manliest items of clothing you can add to your wardrobe. Besides, lumberjacks wore them while working outdoors, which should be a pretty clear indication as to their ruggedness and ability to fight off the cold.

Affordable, comfortable and available in a huge array of colours and plaid patterns, every man should own at least one flannel shirt. Layer-upup with a long-sleeve tee or cosy hoodie to stay snug while you rock this awesome lumberjack-look.

The Nineties Tracksuit

The Nineties Tracksuit
With Netflix about to spend £100 million on Friends and Nintendo still releasing brand-new Pokémon games, it’s fair to say people are still very much in love with the 90’s. Well, the world of fashion is certainly no different, and bold, retro-looking tracksuits have become absolutely massive this winter.

We perhaps wouldn’t recommend trying to pull off an extreme Fresh Prince style, but bold, bright colours and extravagant patterns seem to have become all the rage recently. A stylish jacket will have unapologetic logos and outlandish colour combinations in abundance, while matching joggers and a crisp pair of trainers can be used to complete the look.

After spending the summer singing “football’s coming home” and then going crazy over Spice Girls tickets, it feels as though the UK has somehow travelled back in time 20 years. Not to worry, though, you just need to get hold of some retro sportswear and embrace the unstoppable wave of nostalgia.

The Retro Sweater

The Retro Sweater
If tracksuits aren’t really your thing, then you can still enjoy some serious 90’s-feels with a retro sweater. An essential addition to any man’s winter wardrobe, a good sweater is ideal for layering with other items on this list (flannel shirts, parka jackets) and fighting off the unforgiving British elements.

As we’ve already said, 90’s-style is absolutely huge right now, and all kinds of retro sweaters have already been flying off the shelves this winter. Much like the tracksuits, the more popular ones include bizarre colour matches, bold patterns, and logos running down the sleeves, while varsity-style branding is still as big as it was 20 years ago.

Whether you go for a thick, knitted sweater or a lighter V-neck number is completely up to you. Either way, this winter is all about those extravagant retro designs.

The Hiker

Due to the unpredictable, not to mention brutal, nature of the British weather, a lot of guys are filling their winter wardrobes with more practical pieces of clothing. After all, this is obviously the best way to combat the wet and windy conditions we’re set to see over the next few months.

Strong, heavy-duty walking boots and sensible waterproof coats have become essential purchases this season, with many guys completing this “hiker” look with a reliable rucksack, comfortable jeans and enough layers to make an onion feel a little envious.

Puffer jackets, windcheaters, anoraks and funnel jackets are all great options here, with each one keeping you warm and toasty as you battle the elements on your way to work. This is the perfect embodiment of fashion combining with functionality, and it’s undoubtedly the most practical style for those spending a lot of time outdoors.