Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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6 Signs Your Household Must Switch To Solar Energy This 2022

In the search for a clean source of energy, solar power is becoming a buzzword. An increasing number of people is opting to power their household with solar energy.  

Having solar power installed in your home has advantages. For one, solar energy is pollution-free. Second, it can decrease your electric bills since you’re not paying for the electricity from your solar power system. With a source of your own, your home becomes less dependent on power grids. Moreover, you can avail of net metering programs, tax credits, and solar rebates so you can earn from your off-grid source. 

Perhaps, you’ve witnessed a neighbor installing brand new solar panels. You might be wondering if residential solar energy systems would fit you too. Well, 2022 is around the corner. Why not try upgrading your home for the next year? If you think along these lines, read on and discover the signs that you’ve been looking for:

You’re Having Headaches With Your Electric Bills

For most people, the electricity bill is a dreaded monthly expense. If your electric bills are high enough to make you wonder how to reduce them, a solar power system is a right thing for you. 

Solar panels have an average life span of 25-30 years. Imagine having a source that can generate free power for that duration of time! You may not go off-grid all the time, but still, the energy produced from your solar system can significantly reduce your utility bills. 

Electricity prices are known to be volatile. To avoid this unpredictability and stabilize your monthly budget, you can lock in the price by installing your solar-powered system. In this way, you don’t have to be at the mercy of utility bills. Rather, you can protect yourself from unexpected price surges.

You Got Sunshine More Than Rainy Days

Solar panels have photovoltaic (PV) cells in them that absorb the sun’s energy. Then, the PV cells are energized, producing a stream of direct current. Since your home gadgets are using alternating current, you have to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) by using an inverter. 

If you live in a sunny area with fewer cloudy days, you can produce greater electricity yield with your solar power system. PV energy yields are determined by solar irradiance, which is influenced by aerosols and clouds. Cloudy weather causes intermittency that the amount of sunlight absorbed by the PV cells becomes inconsistent if the sun is hidden.

You Care For The Environment

Do you worry about your indoor air quality? Are you conscious of your home’s carbon footprint? Or perhaps you want to raise your kids to be environmentally aware? Going solar is a good idea to bolster your love for the earth. 

Fuel sources affect greenhouse gas emissions. A solar source produces only a minimal amount of greenhouse gases its entire life cycle compared to fossil fuels. Fossil fuels generate carbon dioxide and methane that can cause air pollution. Using the sun as an energy source means less and fewer fossil fuels are burned.

You Want To Sell Your House Soon

Energy efficiency features are already considered a category in selecting a house. Homes with solar energy have an advantage over those without solar-powered systems. Homebuyers will be more interested in buying a property that will help them reduce their electricity bills.  

If you plan to move to a new location soon, you can increase your home value by installing your solar-powered system now. With the increasing trend of switching to solar energy, more and more buyers will value a home with readily installed solar power.

Your Roof Faces South

The angle at which your roof faces the sun has a significant influence on total solar efficiency. Solar panels work best on roofs that face south since they generate the most electricity throughout the day. Though solar panels installed on an east or west-facing roof will still cut your power cost, they will produce roughly 20% less energy than panels installed on a south-facing roof. If your roof has been facing south already, congratulations, solar energy is a good choice.

You Want Peace Of Mind

Do you find yourself panicking during a power outage? Power interruptions can disrupt your schedule. You may find yourself annoyed if you cannot fulfill your tasks. Having a solar-powered home can give you a sense of security. For example, as storms get more severe across the country, you can look to solar with storage as a method to minimize power disruptions.

Signs and Wonders

So, how’s your checklist? Did you have the signs? Remember that solar-powered systems are not just an added cost but rather an investment. If you want to see the wonders solar energy can do, a good investment is not a bad idea for your 2022.

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