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Ask Your Pool Builder If They Can Build These 10 Modern Designs

Have you been thinking about creating your dream outdoor oasis. A space that is uniquely you, where you can relax and unwind, party, or spend quality time with family.

Weather you are looking to revamp and breath new life into your existing pool and outdoor area. Or create your outdoor plantation from scratch, it’s a good idea to consider what will work best for your land, budget and family needs.

Modern pool design

The goal is to create a swimming pool area that will serve as a fun and enjoyable space that is also visually appealing. It’s important to choose a design that will complement well with the overall design of your home.

Apart from the design, it’s also important to consult with your pool builder if they can build your chosen design given the size and budget that you have. If you’re yet to finalize your design, or are looking for a fresh modern design to replace an existing one, here are 10 great swimming pool designs for you:

1. Pool and Garden

What better way to make your outdoor space your little relaxation garden than putting the two best outdoor structures next to one-each-other? Building a concrete swimming pool next to a zen garden creates a laid back and relaxing vibe in any property. A square swimming pool next to a garden with timber furniture in the patio — a perfect mini paradise to come home to after a long day’s work.

2. Courtyard lap pool

A rectangular contemporary lap pool is a great way to maximize the element of space in your outdoor area. It doesn’t just make the pool easily accessible by placing it near your home but it also makes your outdoor space look wider and bigger.

3. Concrete lap pool with jacuzzi

This jacuzzi and pool combination will make your outdoor area the ultimate spot both for relaxation and fun. Enjoy a weekend barbecue and drinks with friends and family in your outdoor space where guests can choose to go for laps on the pool or chill in the jacuzzi. It’s also perfect for nights when you just want to relish your downtime, with your favorite drink of choice.

4. Rectangular lap pool

If you’re one to enjoy going for a swim to exercise and energize yourself whenever possible, a rectangular lap pool will be perfect for your outdoor area. Its modern contemporary design creates an elegant look for your outdoor space, and maximize its functionality for the swimmer in you.

6. Contemporary rectangle pool with cascading steps

A swimming pool with cascading steps is a brilliant option if you have kids at home. The cascading steps allow them to enjoy the pool at the water level they can enjoy. It also looks highly sophisticated, making your outdoor space look elegant.

7. Rectangular pool with water feature

A water feature such as a waterfall is a great way to spruce up your outdoor pool area. It looks elegant and creates a center point for the overall aesthetic of your pool. A minimalist rectangular waterfall with lights, for example, greatly complements a rectangular pool area and creates a simple yet sophisticated look.

8. L-shaped pool

When it comes to deciding on the shape of your pool, remember that there are no rules. You can get a rectangle, hexagon, oval, or bean-shaped swimming pool, whatever suits your fancy. But if you want a design that would wrap the entire outdoor space, an L-shaped pool is a great option for you. It’s unique and is great for both full-on swimming sessions and stress-free dips.

9. Classic round pool

Laidback but still quite an attractive classic design, a round pool allows you to create an enjoyable pool area that can accommodate everyone who wants to enjoy a fun dip. A classic round pool looks great in any outdoor space and can complement almost any home design. It’s simple yet looks timeless and appealing.

10. Rectangle pool with tinted tiling

As mentioned earlier, your pool’s design can be anything that you fancy. You get the final say as to how big it’s going to be and what shape it’s going to be in. But beyond the size and shape, you can also choose a fun and unique color for your pool area. Bright blue hues can be pretty, but going for a navy blue or even pink-coloured pool can also be fun and creative.

Let your outdoor swimming pool reflect your style

The home says a lot about the owners. The style of the home is more than just about finding a theme or matching colors that look nice together. It says a lot about your style and preference, and how you would like to present yourself to everyone around you.

Similarly, the style and design you pick for your outdoor swimming pool will be added to the overall aesthetics of your home. This is why it’s important to ensure that it looks nice and at the same time functional for you and your family to enjoy.

Who you hire to build your swimming pool will also be a key factor in how impressive your outdoor space will look after your swimming pool is complete. It’s important for you to choose competent builders who know exactly how to turn your vision into reality.

Do your due diligence and find concrete swimming pool builders who have years of experience in the building and construction industry and a great track record among previous clients. These builders know the industry standards and knowhow to work on your space so you get exactly what you want for your swimming pool. With the right design and the right team of builders, you can have a pool area that looks great, maximizes your space, and increases the value of your property.