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3 Tips For Embracing a Minimalist Design Style in Your Home

If you’ve always loved the thought of minimalism in your life and home but haven’t been able to make this a reality yet, there’s no better time than now to start making this transition.

While being mindful and minimalist in your life in general might take some time to accomplish, you can start making strides in this area starting with a minimalist interior design in the space in which you live. So to help you accomplish this, here are three tips for embracing a minimalist design style in your home.

Always Think About Functionality

With minimalism, the most important feature to remember is functionality. If something serves no real function for you, it should be removed. This includes the decor and design of your home.

According to Samantha Myers, a contributor to Elle Decor, everything that you choose to include in a minimalist space should add value in some way. For this reason, there are usually only a few items included in each room of a minimalist home. However, as you’re just starting out with a minimalist design in your own home, you may want to start with just getting rid of certain items that don’t have a direct function or value in your space.

Add Interest With Wallpaper

Just because you’re streamlining the design of your rooms with a minimalist outlook doesn’t mean that there is no interest in the room at all.

One way you can add interest to the design and decor of your minimalist home, according to Hadley Mendelsohn, a contributor to, is to use wallpaper. With interesting, colorful, or textured wallpaper, you can bring more life into a room that you may otherwise feel is too sanitized or clinical. Especially when paired with furniture or other design elements that are neutral or geometrical, an eclectic and interesting wallpaper could be a great way to bridge the gap in your design sense.

Keep Clutter At Bay

The main principle that people cling to when thinking about a minimalist design style if cleanliness. As a part of this, it’s crucial that you eliminate clutter.

To help you with this task, Jessica Estrada, a contributor to Apartment Therapy, recommends that you continually work to declutter the small spaces of your home on a very regular basis. Especially as you’re trying to embrace this new design style, taking the decluttering on slowly may help you feel less overwhelmed with this new style in your home. As long as you’re making some progress on reducing the items you don’t need, you’ll be well on your way to a minimalist style.

If you’re wanting to learn how to bring a minimalist design style into your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you accomplish just this.