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How to Prepare for a Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise birthdays are fun, and they show how much love and care people have for their dear ones. They take time to plan and require a high detail of secrecy to ensure the guest of honor has no idea about the party. 

A successful surprise party usually ends in satisfaction for the planners once the guest of honor walks into the house and is genuinely shocked about the party. So, have you been given the task to plan a surprise birthday party, and you are looking for the best ways to plan one? 

If so, you should note that a surprise birthday party is one of the trickiest parties. You need to get all the party supplies and gifts in secret which can be very difficult especially if the planner and the person whose birthday it is, live together.

However, with careful planning, anyone can pull off a successful surprise birthday party. Here are some of the ideas and tips on how to do just that.

1. Choose the Party’s Theme

A good surprise birthday party needs to have a theme. You can select a theme from the interests and hobbies of the guest of honor. For example, if the person celebrating their birthday is a huge fan of Star Wars, you can make the surprise birthday party a Star Wars themed party. 

You can decorate the venue using themed decoration and request that guests dress up as characters from the franchise like Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker.

2. Decorate the Venue with Flowers

Decorations are important in any celebratory function. Ensure that there are no visible decorations outside the venue or else the birthday honoree will notice what is going on. You can get flowers for the party using an online floral delivery service that will bring your choice of flowers to the party.

3. Pick a Perfect Location

You should select a venue that can hold all the guests who will attend. If you want many people at the party, you can book a big space, but if you’re going to invite a few close friends and relatives, then you can hold the party at one of the invited guest’s homes. 

Make sure that the location is convenient for the guest of honor.

4. Invite Guests

Guests are essential in a surprise birthday party; if the birthday person does not like huge gatherings, try and invite a small number of guests. If the guest of honor is a social person, ensure you invite all of their friends to the party. 

Make sure to confirm with all the guests invited a few days before the party whether they will attend the party or not. 

Remember to let the invites know that the party is a secret; you can use code words and secret language to hide the information from the guest of honor; it is best to use e-invites as physical invitations are usually too risky.

5. Involve a Few People in Planning the Party

It goes without saying that it will not be a surprise party if the guest of honor knows about it before it happens. To control and reduce the possibility of the guest of honor knowing about what’s going on, you should use a few people in planning the party. 

Find a few friends and relatives you can trust to keep a secret to help you with planning the party. 

6. Food and Drinks

Make sure that there are enough food and drinks for everyone at the party. Shop for the correct amount of food and drinks for the party. There’s nothing as wrong as running out of food at a party when some people haven’t eaten yet. 

Confirm with the guests a few days before the party to ensure you know the exact number of people coming to the party so you can plan well in advance.  

7. Perfect Timing

Since you do not involve the guest of honor in the planning, you should pick the most convenient time for the guest of honor to attend the party. Look into their schedule for the day and know when they are free so you can plan the surprise accordingly. 

It will be a failure if the guest of honor has to be somewhere else when their birthday party is going on. 

8. Gift Giving

What’s a birthday without gifts? Try and see whether you can contribute money along with the guests and buy a single gift for the birthday honoree. 

Ideally, you can give them personalized gifts individually, like a song, poem, or flowers. You can also share your knowledge of the birthday person with the guests to know what type of gifts to bring to the party.

9. Hide the Party Supplies

If you live with the person, you cannot store the birthday supplies within the house since they will know your plans. Ask a friend if you can hide the party supplies at their house until the day of the party.  

10. Have a Perfect Alibi

Planning a surprise birthday party takes time, and you will need the perfect alibi to keep your plans secret. You can tell the guest of honor you have a project that will take some amount of time. 

All you have to do is find a believable fake activity that you will tell the guest of honor anytime you’re occupied as you plan the party. You can let other people within your close circle be aware in case they want to run your alibi by them as well.

Do You Want To Plan a Surprise Birthday Party?

Pulling off a surprise birthday party is not an easy task, but it can be done if you follow the steps listed above. 

Sometimes, it is hard to keep a secret, and the party honoree can find out about the party before the big day. This does not mean that you should stop planning; if they find out a day or two before the party, you can ask them to act surprised. 

Remember to record their faces with your cameras and phones as those are the memories you will want to take away from the entire thing.

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