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7 Dazzling Long Sleeve Dress for Girls Night Out

The night is young, the cocktails are cold. So what do you wear to go out? A dress! Specifically, one that’s long-sleeved, with a deep v-neck or scoop neckline. A dress like this will keep you warm and comfy on the chilly spring nights ahead. And if it’s dark outside, don’t worry – there are plenty of lights indoors to dazzle the way. These seven dresses are sure to make you look gorgeous on any occasion by highlighting your best features.

1. V-neck Chiffon Puff Long Sleeve Dress

V-neck Chiffon dresses are very soft and delicate, perfect for the summertime. With the matching chiffon capelet, this dress can be worn in all four seasons of the year. The color is also fantastic with many different occasions from parties to casual dinners with friends or family members, so it’s great to have in your wardrobe! Want to shop it now – check bellabarnett.com for incredible range of dresses.. 

2. Halter Lace-Up Chiffon Long Sleeve Dress

Halter Lace-Up Chiffon dress is a great match for summertime fun. It flows wonderfully and has a fantastic lightness to it that will make you look and feel great all day long. It is a great addition to any wardrobe and will be perfect for casual dinners, parties, or going out with friends on the town.

3. Off-The-Shoulder Long Sleeve Lace Dress

This elegant long sleeve dress is perfect for parties and other special occasions. It has such a chic look to it, and the lace detailing is simply stunning. It’s a great addition to any wardrobe and will be great for any occasion!

4. One-Shoulder Embroidered Backless Long Sleeve Dress

This gorgeous dress is an absolute showstopper. The backless design and mix of colors all come together to make one fantastic long-sleeved dress that will be an absolute knockout wherever she goes. The one-shoulder cut and embroidered detailing will make her stand out wherever she goes and will be perfect for any special occasion.

5. Halter Crossover Long Sleeve Dress with Solid Color

The Halter Crossover Long Sleeve is great for going out. It’s very soft and comfortable, perfect for a girls’ night out! This dress can be paired with a nice pair of heels or a pair of flats depending on the mood and the weather.

This dress will match a lot of different outfits, making it great to have in your wardrobe! 

6. Tiered Long Sleeve Dress

The Tiered Long Sleeve dresses are very unique and will make you stand out from the crowd! The tiered design of this dress makes it look like you are floating as you move, and will make everyone stop and take notice as they see you coming. This dress is great for all sorts of occasions, whether it be meeting friends for coffee or going out to dinner with the family.

7. Long Sleeve Tube Dress

Tube Dresses are made from a new fabric called polyester stretch canvas. It feels so light in appearance to impress you genuinely. The colors are beautiful and versatile, making them great for many special occasions. It can be worn with or without a skirt depending on the occasion. This dress is also very soft and comfortable making it perfect for everyday wear as well as special occasions! 

All of the dresses above are great for girls’ night out. They’re all unique and stunning, so you’ll always be turning heads when you wear them out. If you’re looking for a unique dress to wear to a girl’s night out, these long sleeve dresses are perfect for you.

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