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What Are Runner Rugs?

Runner rugs is a phrase used to talk about any rug that is narrow and long. They are generally rectangular in shape, but you can find them in more unusual patterns, too. One thing is usually consistent. The length of a runner rug will be substantially greater than its breadth. No matter what your taste and style are, you can find all kinds of great options, including sisal runner rugs, seagrass runner rugs and natural fiber runner rugs. It all comes down to your personal preference.

What Are the Benefits of Runner Rugs?

For starters, custom runner rugs look fantastic when you put them in an area with hardwood flooring. They also add a certain amount of protection, which really comes in handy if you have kids who may like to run down hallways. These natural fiber rugs make it more comfortable to walk over hard surfaces. You may like to walk around your home in barefoot, which does not always feel good, especially in the winter when the floor will be incredibly cold.

Finally, these natural area rugs work particularly well in other areas where you could not put a different kind of rug. They make for an excellent way to transform a hallway or a particularly long living room. You have options, so the next time you take a tour of your own house, see where you could feasibly place a runner rug.

What Are the Best Places for a Runner Rug?

You can get pretty creative when it comes to incorporating a runner rug into your abode. One great place to put one is in the hallway. In many houses, the hallways tend to be a bit dark and drab. There may not be a whole lot there, especially if you have not put any artwork on the walls. Additionally, putting runner rugs in this area helps separate private areas of your house, such as the bedrooms, from the common areas where you want guests to be.

These rugs also work great in the bedroom. When you step out of bed first thing in the morning, it feels great to step onto something soft and comfortable. You can place a runner rug either at the foot or side of your bed, so you wake up feeling relaxed and content. These gorgeous rugs also look amazing in the kitchen and other small spaces. With a little work, you can transform any room in your house into something beautiful.