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How Do You Choose the Best Pool Heater?

Regardless of the weather condition, a swimming pool heater will always make your swimming session bearable. You can comfortably extend the session even during the chilly evenings without noticing the cold. There are several reasons to consider installing a pool which may include improving your property value, the pool is at a position where it is not exposed to sunlight, and therefore it never gets natural warmth or if you love swimming till its late.

After deciding on the primary reason to install the heat pump, it is time to think of the best heater you should get. These heaters are mainly categorized into three; solar, gas and electric pool heat pumps. Each one of these types comes with its benefits and drawbacks, and you must, therefore, take your time to study them and know which one will best suit your needs. What are the main factors to consider before getting one?

Consider the size

Consider the size
Like other appliances, you need to consider the size of the heater. It should neither be too large nor too small. The sizes range depending on the size of your pool. The size will determine the pool portion that will be heated at a go.

If you know little about pool heaters, you should let a professional guide you into it. You can also check the sizes on the manufacturer charts to ensure that what you get suits your needs. If you purchase a pool heater that is too small or marginal to the size of your pool, you will probably be throwing your money as it can never heat your pool as much as you want.

Choose an environmental friendly heater

environmental friendly heater
If you are the conscious kind of person when it comes to environmental protection, there is still an option for you. In this case, a solar heater is the best solution as it only uses natural energy source thusminimizing pollution. The noise level matters too. You could be living in a neighbourhood that has some strict rules regarding noise and wants to maintain a quiet environment. Some heaters entail fans and pumps which can produce sound, unlike the solarheaters that will not emit noise at all.

Consider your location

The best kind of heater will largely be determined by where you live. It is not all about your city or rural area; it goes down to which part of the world you are in. Is it sunny or cloudy? What is the average temperature?Is it rainy or dry, cold or hot?Each heater works best in some climates and worst in some. For example, a solar pool heater will need you to be in dry and mostly sunny weather. If you reside in foggy and cloudy areas, you ought to go for the next available option.

Installation and running cost

pool heater installation cost
The pool heater installation cost will differ from one heater to the next. Consider your budget first and also, ensure to check its cost of maintenance. Proper maintenance enhances the efficiency of the heater, and you do not want to spend a fortune on this. Remember there are still other expenses awaiting you.

With so many heaters out there, these tips will guide you to ensure that what you get what will suit your needs. All the best!