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What Style of Beard Will Suit for Your Face Shape?

Being smart is not necessarily about how you dress but also the shape and neatness of your beards. For every man having beards is a sense of pride and if so you have to ensure that they look smart and neat always. However, you have to style your beards in a way that suits the shape of your face. Nevertheless, do you know the shape of your face? Check out for more information about the mens style.

If you do or don’t then I have come up with a guide that will help you shave your beards in shape that corresponds to your face. The following are beard shapes every man should consider know about.

1. Oval Face

Oval Face
If you have an oval shape there is no need to worry about the style of beard that will suit you. This is because most beard shapes blend with a man with an oval face. Hence, if you have an oval face you can try any style but you can choose one that will be your trademark. In addition, you should not allow your beards to be bushy. Ensure they are well trimmed. By doing this you will look sharp always.

2. Round Face

Round Face
Men with round faces should ensure that they neatly shave their beards. This makes your face have a different shape and also sharpens your look. When shaving you should have hard lines along your cheekbone. Furthermore, you can let your beards grow longer as it makes your face long. This also makes your face not look round. It is also advisable for you to style your beards either as a goatee or Van Dyke as these blends well with round faces.

3. Triangle Face

Triangle Face
Also known as heart-shaped face this face shape implies that you have a wider hairline, thin jawbone, and wide jawline. If your face corresponds to the above characteristics then you should ensure that your sides are always filled with beards. As this will give you a glamorous appearance. Furthermore, you can try the following beard shapes: elongated goatee, extended thick beard, a chin curtain, or mutton chops.

4. Rectangular Face

Rectangular Face
This face shape means that you have wide jawbones and a square jaw. It is also called Oblong. Men with rectangular faces are mostly advised to have their sides full of beards and the bottom part with fewer beards. This will make you look elegant and more handsome. The most suitable beard shapes for men with rectangular faces include mutton chops, chinstrap beard. However, you can also give a try to the mustache beard.

5. Square Face

Square Face
A square jaw usually gives you the best beards styles. Nevertheless, it is good if you keep your beards short. You can also have a shabby beard this will improve your look. But, ensure the beards are not so much shabby as it will make you look messy. You can also trim your beards short as this will also give a much smarter appearance.


Shaving your beards to a style that suits your face will not only make you look smart but also make you more attractive. So, when shaving your beards find a style that suits the shape of your face.