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6 Best Airlines With Direct Flights From USA to India

Traveling internationally is an exorbitant affair. We all yearn to unearth the cheapest flights, ensuring economic travel. It’s not frugal; rather wise to do comprehensive research before booking flight tickets. One of the most expensive travels in the world is between India and the USA. 

It is owing to the duration of the flight. It is exceedingly costly. The USA to India cheapest flights list is mentioned below. The United States is a significant tourist attraction for the world. Hence people are always looking to find good deals. Now one can avail the USA to India cheapest flights.


1) Etihad

Etihad is the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates. They offer economical prices for the travel back to India and are an excellent choice. If individuals choose to travel with their families/kids, Etihad has enticing offerings like games and movie nights. 

They allow the parents to benefit from this opportunity and make the most of the free time. With the kids being preoccupied, they can take some time for themselves. The flight presents superior assistance and comfort. They exhibit cost-effective deals for places like Jaipur, Kozhikode, and Kolkata. 

2) United airlines 

United airlines bestow economical and seamless flights to India from the states. They are highly revered and famous for their most enormous connection worldwide. It is a significant American carrier with eight American hubs, with Chicago’s O’Hare airport being the most prominent in operations. 

The flights take off from Newark and land in either Mumbai or Delhi. They fly out in repetition at several different hours. People who detest long-hauls can choose this airline because they have brief durations. They also provide superior in-flight entertainment. 

3) Qatar airways 

Highly popular for their quality service, Qatar airways advances several routes for traveling between both countries. The most significant ones include New York, Boston, Amritsar, and Delhi. Their in-house entertainment is vastly famous and talked about. They also proffer marvelous meals, luring the passengers to travel with them again. 

4) Emirates 

Emirates is one of the most sought-after airlines owing to their well-connected routes. Their proliferation gives them a leg up. They are the enormous air carrier of the Middle East. Most people review Emirates as one of their best experiences in an airplane. Their well-endowed connectivity offers flights from Boston to New Delhi and New York to Mumbai or Washington DC to Hyderabad.

5) Air India 

Air India has been a long-standing airline and one of the first to enable international travel in India. Akin to Emirates, they are also well-connected and connect several international destinations. They have non-stop as well as flights with layovers. They possess good in-flight entertainment and offer lavish meals plus drinks. The seating is highly comfortable. 

6) Singapore airlines 

Referred to as the best airline globally, Singapore airlines are highly recommended to choose as your travel partner while traveling back to India from the USA. They have an extensive network that makes them everyone’s favorite. Even their economy class is magnificent and replete with the best services. They offer top-notch assistance and are led by competent air hostesses. Also, their luggage allowance is slightly more than other flights. 


The list is a comprehensive array of different companies that offer flights from the USA to India at affordable prices. 

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