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How to Choose the Best Car Insurance in Singapore

Did you know that driving on Singapore roads without car insurance is a great traffic offense? Therefore it’ll be important to get the right car insurance plan to cover both the driver and the car. With the many insurance companies offering different car insurance plans in Singapore, it’s a daunting task to choose the best car insurance coverage for your car. However, we’ve got you covered as this article outlines the best process for choosing the best car insurance Singapore. This process will enable you to get an insurance plan that will suit your budget and driving needs.

1. Decide on how you want to purchase your car insurance

When purchasing car insurance, you can either choose to purchase it through an insurance agency, broker, or directly from the company. When you opt to buy direct from the company, it’ll be very important to research more about the company to ensure it offers the best car insurance Singapore. Additionally, it’s much easier to walk to the current insurer if you’ve got an existing insurance cover. More so, you can also use the insurance brokers, who will guide you through the insurance plans available for your car. The brokers will help streamline the process by guiding you through the process.

2. Determine insurance coverage you need for your car

To understand the type and how much you’ll need for the insurance coverage, it’s important to understand the different aspects and types of car insurance. Insurance companies in Singapore offer different insurance coverage for cars, such as;

  • Liability coverage- this plan covers all the costs if an accident occurs, your vehicle causes injury to someone, or causes property damage.
  • Personal injury protection- if your passenger or a pedestrian gets injured in an accident, this insurance plan will cover medical and rehabilitation costs.
  • Comprehensive coverage- the insurance coverage will cover any damages on the car; this includes damages due to vandalism, theft, or fire.

Most of the best insurance companies in Singapore offer these plans for different car owners at different rates. However, before choosing any plan, it’ll be good to consider how regularly you drive and any predisposing factors for any damage.

3. Fill an application for the car insurance quotes

After deciding on the type of insurance coverage suitable for your needs, you’ll need to fill out an application form to apply for the car insurance plan. On the form, you’ll provide the following details; the names and dates of birth of all the drivers, vehicle information numbers including the vehicles model years, and the declaration from the most current insurance policy. You’ll also have to provide information on your driving history.

4. Get your insurance quotes

The best car insurance Singapore companies often provide the quotes immediately after you’re done with the applications. However, the quotes may take a long time if the insurance cover comes through an insurance agency or broker. The quotes are either low coverage limits, average coverage limits, or high coverage limits. The high coverage limit provides the best insurance option; however, these limits have a higher premium.

5. Compare the car insurance quotes

Before choosing an insurance quote, it’s important to compare the quotes with the other insurance companies in Singapore. When comparing the quotes, you should consider the plan’s cost and keep in mind the benefits of the quotes. Additionally, you can also review the insurance provider’s reputation to ascertain that you are getting the right cover from a good insurance provider. You can achieve this by consulting with friends & prior customers or checking on insurance websites and pages on the internet.

6. Get your car insurance and cancel the prior insurance if it’s available

Once you’re satisfied with the quotes and the insurance company, it’s the right time for the company to put the insurance policy into action. When getting the insurance policy either from the brokers, agencies or directly from insurance companies in Singapore, you’ll have to sign for the policy to start working. If you’ve got an existing insurance policy, you’ll have to wait until the new cover has started working before canceling the old insurance policy. Waiting for the new cover to start working will help prevent any gaps in the insurance cover.

Final thoughts

When choosing the best car insurance Singapore, it’ll be important to choose the most suitable process, to get the suitable insurance plan for your car. Whether you are using a broker or buying directly from the insurance company, it’s essential to follow the above process to obtain the right car insurance coverage.