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Replacement Windows: Everything You Need to Know

Windows are part of your home’s structure, and windows are for ventilation and to give entry of light indoors. 

As the years go by, your windows will get old and no longer serve their purpose. It could be the time that you will need to replace them. 

The basic know-how is not enough to replace your old window. So, where would you start? You can start by checking out for more information about replacement windows. 

With so many designs and options available, you can research to find the window replacement fit for your home. Here is everything you need to know about replacement windows:

Why replace your windows?

There are many reasons why you need to replace your window, this includes:

Home improvement

When you want to improve your home, you should change your windows. Changing the windows to an aesthetic design will give your house a more appealing vibe. 

Saving money for energy bills

Replacing your windows with energy-saving windows can help you save energy bills. According to the Department of Energy, you can save between $100 to $500 by switching to an energy-efficient single-pane window.


Many homeowners change their windows for security. Old windows like jalousie windows are easier to break and dismantle. 

Burglars can easily break inside your home without creating noise. 


You have to change your windows to have your house comfortable. You can replace your windows to cut the cold feeling during winter and hotness during summer. 

Noise reduction

Replacing your window is a smart choice if you live in a city or highly-populated area. Replacing your windows can help you reduce noise transmission inside your house. 

Increasing the resale value of your house

If you are about to sell your house, replacing your windows will help increase your house’s value. 

What are the different kinds of replacement windows?

There are different kinds of replacement windows available in the market, this includes:

Wooden windows

A wooden window is a traditional kind of window and is still used by many homes today. Wooden windows are best for cabins and historic neighborhoods. 

Wooden windows have insulating properties that are best even during winter. 

Vinyl windows

A vinyl window is a window from a plastic material called PVC. 

The window material can last between 20 to 40 years. 

Vinyl windows are rust-free and durable. Choosing this window will help you save more money on repairs and maintenance in the long run. 

Aluminium windows

An aluminium window has aluminium frames. Aluminium windows are popular in commercial and industrial buildings because of their structure and strength. 

Fibreglass windows

A fibreglass window is durable and versatile, and the window has good insulator properties that can withstand even extreme weather conditions. 

A fibreglass window can cost more than other windows but is a good investment in the long run. 

How to replace a window?

Replacing your window sometimes needs a professional. If you are saving money and would wish to do it yourself, here are ways that can help you replace your window: 

Step 1: Measure the dimension of your window

You can measure the dimensions of your window by getting the height and the width using a tape measure.

Step 2: Removing the old window

You can remove your old window by using your tools. Start with removing the screws and locks. You should also check if there are window springs or weights you need to detach. 

Step 3: Clean your window

After removing the old window, clean all debris to make way for a proper installation of your window.

Step 4: Level your new window

Try fitting your new window in the opening to see for gaps and misalignment. Add tape to your window for caulking.

Step 5: Caulk application

Caulk application is necessary to seal leaks. Caulking can also prevent water damage inside your house. Apply a caulk within the interior frame of the window. 

Step 6: Place your new window

Press your new window within the caulk frame. Screw the windows to the holes and make sure to place them securely.