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Why Buy a Home in South Carolina

When you’re looking to relocate, it’s essential to research the critical factors about the city and state you’re planning to move to. Key elements that are important to consider are the current job market, the cost of living, and the school systems. With all the research done, you try to make a sound decision based on the facts you’ve gathered.

When deciding where to move, we often tend not to consider the small things that are equally as important: the overall lifestyle. If you’re looking to relocate and become a homebuyer in South Carolina, below are the many reasons to help you make your important decision.

First, you’ll be much happier living with the people of South Carolina. The people of South Carolina are said to be one of the happiest in the country, and that they’re very easygoing and laid-back.

Secondly, you’ll have peace that is coupled with a reasonable cost of living. The state can give you what many of the other states with their large, urban cities can’t. There are major cities like Charleston that offer significant city traffic, pro sports entertainment, and fine dining (which is on the rise), but the state also provides cities where the residents get the chance to relax, unplug from the “hustle and bustle” of city life (unlike Los Angeles or New York), and enjoy a slower peaceful life. It’s important to have the opportunity to decompress mentally and physically.

Another way that you’ll live peacefully is that the cost of living in South Carolina is low, compared to a majority of the United States. Your bank account will overall be happier in South Carolina. The price of housing in South Carolina is about 20% lower than it is nationally. If you buy a home here in South Carolina, you’ll have more money to cover your other expenses, to save, and to have a more disposable income to spend on the things you enjoy in life.

Lastly, the weather in South Carolina is comfortable compared to Chicago in the Midwest, or if you keep going north to New York. The annual high is 75 degrees, and the yearly low is 52 degrees. Therefore, the average temperature is a comfortable 64 degrees. That means that for the majority of the year, you can spend your time outside enjoying the great outdoors.

South Carolina offers what California is loved for: beaches and lush greenery. With sandy beaches and clear water, South Carolina provides a plethora of beaches to choose from that include the famous Myrtle Beach. You can visit the beach and stay at luxury resorts that offer water recreational activities like kayaking and jet skiing.

Not to be overshadowed by the beaches, South Carolina offers plenty of lush, green state parks. South Carolina offers a whopping forty-seven state parks that cover over 80,000 acres of green land. They have the Hunting Island State Park that combines not only hiking (another California favorite), but also fishing, sunbathing, and swimming.