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The Top 5 Wedding Beauty Trends of 2018

With 2018 coming to a close, the year has offered numerous bridal trends from the Royal Wedding to runway fashions. If your big day is on the horizon, then you can incorporate these stylish trends into the perfect look. Everyone wants to look their best at their wedding, but these tips will help you shine like the beautiful bride you are.

1. Keep It Natural

Even Meghan Markle chose to let her natural beauty shine through at the altar. When it comes to makeup, less really is more. Opting for an all-natural style is the perfect way to capture your raw beauty.

To create the royal bride look, Meghan used a dewy natural foundation that wouldn’t cover her freckles. While she does incorporate some eyeshadow and mascara, she kept it as light as possible to let her eyes do most of the work. Not only is this a bold move on such a big day, but there’s something romantic about coming as you are to the ceremony.

As an added bonus, the natural look pairs with almost anything. From the brightest whites to a rainbow of bridesmaid dresses, everything meshes perfectly. Plus, you’ll be able to slip into an evening gown if you and your significant other plan on starting your honeymoon immediately after.

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2. Bring on the Gloss

Bring on the Gloss
If you do plan on adding layers to the natural look, then glossy lips are an absolute must. They highlight this feature on your face in a way that satin finishes and matte simply cannot. With a little peach or pink, they also add an air of youthfulness.

Of course, you don’t have to go natural. Some of the boldest looks to hit the aisle appeared in 2018 from faux hawks and metallic makeup to larger than life hair. Even when going bold, glossy lips help to pull the look together.

3. Smoky Looks

Smoky Looks
Simple, modern, and elegant, smokey eyes compliment your gorgeous complexion. The days of heavy-eyeliner (or panda eyes) are finally over. It’s all about delicate hues over the lids that play with natural, earthy tones in 2018.

Side note: Smokey eyes pair best with extra long lashes.

4. The Wave

The Wave
One trend that has stuck around for years now is wavy tresses. It doesn’t matter if you choose to pull your hair into a ponytail or let it all down, this classic style is guaranteed to turn heads. You can choose to wear your ponytail in any style, too.

Speaking of waves, several women opted to treat themselves to a cosmetic lift before their big day. This is an excellent way to fill out a dress, impress the wedding party, and look your best. Here’s more information about breast lifts in Henderson NV.

5. Get Low

Unlike the 2002 hit, 2018 focuses on hair trends. Low buns are all the rage this year, pairing perfectly with low-back gowns and vintage makeup. Whether you’re going full Royal Wedding style or something more contemporary, the low bun can do it all.