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What are the Best Reasons to Visit Russia?

Russia is the biggest country in the world. It is so vast and massive that it extends from Central Europe to Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. People do not consider Russia a place to visit because of its harsh, cold climate and a lot of traveling. However, these are the top reasons to visit Russia and prove your perceptions wrong.

Music and Dance:

If you are an admirer of music and dance, Russia won’t disappoint you. It entertains all music lovers. From classical music to modern hip-hop, you will find the different genres of music. When in Russia, don’t miss the world-famous Russian Ballet dancers. Russia has several nightclubs and bars where you can enjoy the music and dance throughout the night.

Different religion and culture:

There are more than 160 ethnic groups are settled in different parts of Russia. The official language of Russia is “Russian,” but more than 100 other words are spoken all over Russia. The main religion of Russia is Christian Orthodox, but Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, shamanism, and Christian orthodoxy also practiced in Russia. When you visit Russia, you will be able to learn about a different culture and religious practices that are followed all over Russia. You will be able to witness various festivals and religious celebrations performed by each religion.

Natural beauty:

If you are a fan of natural beauty, you must visit Russia. You will find jaw-dropping, mesmerizing, and spectacular natural beauty all over Russia. There are 26 UNESCO (united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization) world heritage sites in Russia. Russia has the largest area of forest. It is home to many refuge animals like tigers, brown bears, polar bears, and leopards. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of pristine western Caucasus Mountains to Siberia Lake. In short, Russia has it all, from lakes to the desert, mountain to beaches, small villages to busy and modern cities. You name it, and Russia has it.

Magical winters:

Many tourists think that Russia’s true beauty can only explore in the summers. However, winters are as beautiful in Russia as summers. Snowy scenic views can be enchanting and tantalizing. You fall in love with Russia’s Picturesque parks and villages wearing a blanket of pure white snow.
There are many activities and attractions you can avail only in winter like winter sports at lake Baikal, enjoy white Christmas in Moscow, and ice skating in the city streets. People who are fond of adventure can go to Heli-skiing at Kamchatka and dog sledding in Karelia.

Warm and welcoming citizens:

There is a misconception that Russians are the most severe and harsh citizens. But when you visit Russia, your opinion about the Russian people will inevitably change. Make sure to spend some time with the Russian people so you can witness their utterly different side. Russians are fun-loving, warm, hospitable citizens who respect their families, friends, and tourists. Russian people usually are not so talkative and prefer to come straight to point, and this makes them rude and blunt in the eyes of non-Russian people. We are sure you will love Russia and its people if you have a chance to know them intimately.

Russian food and drinks:

Traditional Russian food should be tried once in a lifetime, and this gives another reason why you should visit Russia once in a lifetime. The taste is unique and best. One of Russian specialty that should not miss is beet soup, served with a blob of cream. The national dish of Russia is Pelmeni, which is pastry dumplings filled with minced meat. It is one of the most popular dishes in Russia and eastern Europe. Pelmeni can serve in two ways. It can also serve alone, topped with sour cream and layered with butter or in a soup broth.
Russia is the place for you if you are a fan of vodka, rum, and beer. Russian offers a wide range of alcoholic drinks to cater to the taste buds of people.

Russia art and literature:

You will fall in love with Russia if you have an interest in art and literature. Russian significant cities: St Petersburg and Moscow are considered a heaven for art lovers. Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg has the most extensive collection of fine arts in the world. Garage in Moscow has one of the finest contemporary artists. Famous authors like Tolstoy, Pushkin, Chekhov are admired all over the world for their everlasting contribution to art and literature.

The largest city in the world:

As we all know, Russia is the largest country in the world and spread over eight time zones, which makes it unique and exclusive in itself. It covers an area of about seventeen million square kilometers. Since Russia has spread over a large area, it has extensive diversity of landscapes, beaches, mountains, hills, parks, deserts, and lakes. You will find Ural’s, the oldest mountain in the world to Baikal, the deepest lake in the world in Russia.

Unique architecture:

You will be enchanting and mesmerize by the colorful architecture of Russia. Russia’s architecture reflects its rich history dating back over 1000 years old. Outstanding architecture can be witnessed all over Russia. World heritage site, Kizhi Pogost on Kizhi Island in Lake Onega, presents the remarkable wooden architecture. You will be astonished to find out that 22 domes of the church of Transfiguration have made up of wood without using a single nail in it.

Vast railway network:

One of the reasons tourists prefer to spend their vacation in Russia is its efficient and convenient metro system. The Moscow Metro, also known as Peoples Palace, is one of the largest metros in the world. This metro had built-in 1930 in the era of Stalin. The metro system is not only comfortable, quick, and convenient but also affordable.
Sparkling marbles, bronze statues, stained glass windows, and byzantine mosaics make the station worth seeing. You can explore different cities of Russia on its high-speed luxury trains, express trains, and local trains. Many tourists prefer to take a high-speed train from Moscow to Saint Petersburg as it is only a 4-hour journey.

By looking at these reasons, we are sure you can’t wait to pack your bags and head towards Russia for your unforgettable vacation.