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Eternity Rings: How To Stack Eternity Rings?

Eternity Ring: a ring symbolizing the ‘circle of forever.’ A circle so profound that it denotes timeless never ending love and affection. Ever thought something as small as a ring could denote something so extensive? Well, that’s the beauty of an eternity ring. Did you know you can enhance the beauty of eternity rings by stacking them? If you’re looking to 

buy eternity rings online and are confused thinking how to stack them, you’re at the right place. Let the fun begin!

Should you stack eternity rings?

If you’re looking to buy eternity rings online and wondering if you should really stack them guess what! It is quite a trend these days! They can be stacked and there is no hard and fast rule. People take inspiration from a number of places and then try do it their way. We say it really helps your personality strike out. Embedded with uniquely cut diamond in a continuous circle,  Although some people prefer wearing big eternity rings alone too, we say why not make it interesting and level up your fashion game a bit by stacking different shape and metal eternity rings together. Who knows you might even end up surprising yourself?

How to stack eternity rings?

Wearing Stackable Eternity Rings has become more like a trend among women and why not? We say stacking eternity rings is an art and you could be the artist. When you buy eternity rings online, stacking them a certain way could elevate your fashion statement like no other. Wondering how to stack rings? Let’s take a glance!

  • Mix and match: 

Want to let your stackable eternity rings strike out? You can mix different color metal eternity rings to flaunt their lustrous beauty individually. The deal is to make it interesting! You could always pair up yellow gold metal along with white gold or rose gold metal. That’s just how stacking works. If you’re just stacking similar looking eternity rings, it’d only kill the whole purpose.

  • Experiment

It never hurts to experiment a bit, does it? Hit and trial is always the best way to see what really proves to be a unique ring stack. You can always create a dramatic look by experimenting with a number of eternity rings. Don’t hesitate in mixing different diamond shape, designs and metal color eternity rings together. Eternity rings also go really well with a single solitaire ring. Just make sure there is no gap between the stacked eternity rings, they just go really well together and you’re good to go.

  • Three Ring Stack

Discussing stacking eternity rings and not mentioning engagement and wedding ring? That’s quite impossible, isn’t it? Stackable eternity bands go really well with engagement and wedding ring. In fact, the way to wear it is by putting the wedding ring first on the ring finger of the left hand then putting the eternity ring and finally the engagement ring. That’s the timeless style statement and it’s here to stay. If you don’t want to wear all the three rings together, you can even just pair it up with your engagement ring or wedding band, however you like and you’re good to go!

  • Shape

You can always pair up differently and uniquely cut diamond together, for example baguette cut diamond eternity ring and round cut diamond eternity ring go great together. And that’s what the entire stacking process is about! Even pear shaped diamond ring goes great with round shape eternity ring. It all boils down to your preference in the end. The number of shapes are endless. You just have to see what works out the best for you.

Last but definitely not the least, we’d just say you should be comfortable in wearing the unique ring stack that you’ve chosen. Style statement could be made by pairing up different eternity rings but if you’re not comfortable wearing it, there’s no point right? Choose the stack that is right for you and you’re good to go, be it baguette and round eternity ring or white and rose gold eternity ring. Stack them together and shine on.


To sum up, however trendy stacking eternity rings might be, how to actually go ahead and stack is your choice. Stackable eternity rings look really great if you know the game. See if it they really go together and don’t look like a mismatch. Shapes, designs and metal colors could vary but you make your choice and that’s what really changes the entire game. So now, whenever you buy eternity rings online, always look for the different stacking options you have and how you could just change the entire game with the most perfect and unique ring stack. We just hope we could help you out in this fun process and wish you all the luck for the stacking game you’re about to begin.

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