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Tips for Your First Tattoo Design

When doing anything for the first time, you must consult more than once and assume less. A tattoo is often filled with emotions and beauty, therefore doing anything wrong, especially for the first time, can mess your appearances. To avoid making any mistakes, engage the Gold Coast tattoos legends.

There are so many factors you need to consider before you pierce your smooth skin for a tattoo. This is the time when you realize years of waiting are now real. The actual moment can be worrying, especially when you consider safety and health precautions. Here are some of the ways to ensure your first tattoo will never go wrong.


Design is the most crucial part when it comes to appearances. Take time to research the most appropriate design that will suit your skin. Something like short names which stylish fonts perhaps is the most preferable for the first time. Choose short names or even letters.

Larger tattoos with artistic touch are preferred when visiting a tattoo studio for the second or third time.

It’s vital to choose a tattoo design that matches your personality or environment. If you are a doctor or a teacher, you should not choose a design like a skull; it will have detrimental effects on your subjects. Therefore work environment determines what tattoo style you will be having. If you have short ideas on sound design, reference materials will deliver articulate descriptions for your tattoo.

Hygiene and safety

Before you end up with doctors’ appointments, consider this. A tattoo is very dangerous. They are open wounds punctured on your skin. Such injuries are very dangerous and can attract a gang of deadly bacteria.

To ensure that you are on the safer side, be on the lookout of any exposed needles. They are very dangerous. Ensure that your tattoo artist seals everything from needles to tubes. Using distilled water and disinfectant during the process of tattooing will ensure to keep you on the healthy side.


Now that you have got your tattoo aftercare will determine whether it will have a detrimental or aesthetic effect. There certain times to consider before you visit the best tattoo studio in town. Getting your tattoo during spring or autumn is the best time. There are no harsh elements during these interim seasons. Therefore your tattoo will receive the utmost proper care from Mother Nature.

Ultraviolet rays during harsh summers will destroy ink your tattoo. You don’t want your tattoo to fade. To avoid this problem, make sure you cover very well before enjoying the warmth of the sun. Using antibiotics to treat open wounds will help you avoid any possible complication. In fact, disinfecting the area will seal the deal.

Tattoos have unique places on your body. Getting a tattoo for the first time in a lifetime experience and you won’t forget. To ensure you live with such experiences, always stick to the guidelines.