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9 Reasons Engadine Is The Best Place To Live

Engadine is not only a perfect destination for travel lovers. It also offers everything you will ever need in an ideal living environment. Whether you’re looking for a long-term or a temporary stay in any part of Sydney, Australia, you can’t overlook this destination. Here are nine reasons why Engadine is the best place to live. 

Friendly and hospitable people

With a current population of 17,375 inhabitants, some people may consider it a small-sized location. But Engadine has one of the largest suburb sizes in the world. The people of Engadine will make you feel comfortable, safe and help you settle down pretty nicely. 

Family-oriented destination

Engadine is well-known for its family-oriented nature. The suburbs offer safe and serene family-friendly environments where you can start a new family, raise your little ones, or move your current family.

Local charm

Engadine is a friendly location that has a little bit of country charm to it. It is also suited close to the National and only about 15 minutes away from various breathtaking beaches. In addition, the location is half an hour away from Sydney’s central business district, which means that residents are treated to the best of both worlds. 


Food is always an essential factor to consider in choosing where to live, and Engadine has a wide variety of delicious local and foreign options to choose from. Aside from the good number of restaurants scattered throughout the suburb, you can also find almost every food item you need from the local markets. 


Engadine should be a paradise for homeowners. Whether you’re looking for property to purchase long-term or you prefer to rent, you’ll find a wide range of homes and apartments available. You’ll also find realtors and removalists ready to give you all the assistance you need. 

Attractions and fun things to do

Whether you want to frolic along beautiful coasts and enjoy the several beaches or absorb the location’s natural parks, there are many natural attractions to keep you busy as a long-term resident and to explore during your short stay. 


When it comes to crime, Engadine is a highly safe location, as it currently ranks at the lower end of the crime-per-capita rankings for the suburbs in Sydney. With a crime rate of 0.06% per capita, its high level of safety cuts across all types of major crimes. 


Access to quality healthcare is a strong determinant of the livability level of any location. And Engadine has a host of high-quality hospitals and health facilities, both public and private hospitals. There are also various health insurance packages available to choose from. 


Whether you need a school for your kids, looking to further your education at a high level, or need to find a reputable college for your high school leaver, there is a comprehensive range of educational facilities and options available to choose from. 

Engadine has something for everyone. If you’re thinking about moving to this location (whether permanently or temporarily), you should find this location an easy place to settle. 

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