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Start Your Own Beauty Brand from Home

You might never have thought it possible to create your own beauty brand from scratch, but it’s actually far easier than you might think. With the help of a professional cosmetic laboratory in Australia, even an at-home kitchen table startup can generate a new beauty brand that can conquer a niche or a great swathe of the market.

Here is our quick guide on how you can make it happen!

  1. Develop Your Product Ideas and Brand Concept

Most people who have in mind to establish their own beauty brand will likely already have a main concept in mind. Whatever has spurred this desire is likely that unique product or concept. Before you really can begin launching your brand in any meaningful sense, you need to establish what your main idea and concept is.

To do this, you need to think about what your unique selling point (USP) is. If you can’t clearly distinguish your own product from other competitors’ products, then you don’t have a winning concept at all. Put in the time and effort to establish just what it is you’re offering. You should be able to express that in clear and unambiguous terms.

  1. Find a Manufacturing Partner

Once you’ve got a solid concept, it’s time to start looking at making it a reality. To do that, you’ll first need a manufacturer. When looking to partner up with someone, the best thing to do is first analyse where your own weaknesses are and then find a partner who can fill those gaps. For instance, do you have packaging designs all done? Do you have the means to make that packaging yourself?

If you have a design but no way of producing the packaging, then you need a manufacturer who can make both the product and packing. If you don’t even have a design for the packaging, then you’ll need someone who can handle that, too. Reflect on what you need and try to source a single manufacturer who can fill those gaps. Finding an ethical and sustainable manufacturer should also be a priority.

  1. Work on a Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is key to how your business will grow and develop. What kind of stores are you going to be selling this in? Do you want it sold in high-street drug stores? Do you want it in boutique stores only? Do you want to sell online only to cut overheads? The path you want to take will influence what your overall marketing strategy should be.

Social media channels are invariably a good bet when it comes to building a beauty brand, especially visual media like Instagram which are focused on photos. Showing images of people using your products successfully is more powerful than any B2B advertising campaign that you’d ever launch.

  1. Network and Reach Out to Find Stockists

Getting your product out there is important. Most burgeoning brands won’t be able to get their items into big-name stores straight away. You need to first demonstrate a demand and a sales track record. Finding independent local stockists is a good way to go as you can usually approach them directly without navigating some complex corporate structure. 

Get your products into local stores and prove that they can sell. Couple that with online sales if it helps. Armed with a sales track record, you’ll later be able to better negotiate placement in larger stores.

  1. Create Online Selling Space, and Keep Pushing Socials

You should always create your own online store, regardless of your wider strategy. Anything that boosts sales and gets your product noticed is a good thing. The relative ease of selling online now thanks to services like drop shipping can make distribution easier to grow even when you’re still a kitchen-table startup. As you work, keep pushing social channels, posting regular content to promote your brand and activities. As views organically grow, so too does the strength of your new brand.