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Why Choose Potensic T25 Drone?

When we think about drones, we always saw its primary use in the military, looking for targets, shooting targets, and also keep an eye on the enemy activities. However, as time has changed so as the drones and their uses. Now they are used for a variety of commercial purposes like maintaining energy infrastructure for package delivery and monitoring the health of crops and also in photography and videography.

However, it’s not easy to buy the best drone for all your needs as you have a lot of options in the market as well as online, so to help you choose, I have brought you all the information about one of my favorite commercials drones called Potensic T25 drone.

This camera drone is one of the best beginner drones in the market. It is a budget-friendly option with full-fledged intelligent features and competitive specs.

This drone comes with a personalized flight plan feature, which will help you in defying the path of the drone on the smartphone apps map. It will also help you in adjusting camera angles while taking pictures or shooting videos and will also make you take off from keeping an eye off the controls.

It also has a very interesting feature known as the ‘Follow Me’ function through which you can relocate it without keeping tabs of the drone’s position and which will also help you in capturing the aerial footage of the subject using the signal from transmitter following the drone.

The Potensic t25 drone comes with a dutiful button that will help in an automatic takeoff and landing, making it free from all hassles. This drone takes off by hovering five feet above the ground which will help you in deciding its next part be followed.

As this drone comes with a dual navigation system with GPS/GLONASS combination allows us to reach at exact location while flying and save it from drifting off. This feature also helps its dedicated return back, which means coming back to the take-off point when we press the return button on the tab.

Moreover, this feature also gets activated in the event of signal transmission loss or low battery, which helps it not get lost while navigating.

The best feature of this Potensic t25 drone is the headless mode which means while flying you don’t have to watch for its head, you can fly it the way you intend to just making it following the direction with flight lever handled by you.When you buy a drone, you also want to be sure about battery life.

The Potensic t25 drone has a hundred mAh battery that gives 10 minutes of flight time which is also dependent on the weather conditions but this quadcopter can fly while it’s windy. It has a pretty standard battery life for those who are practicing there aerial photography and videography skills and that too at this price is commendable, it takes 1 to 2 hours for charging and to counterpart the battery life this potensic t25 drone come with an extra battery which you can switch for doubling your flight time.

The main function which we want in our drone is camera quality. The Potensic t25 drone comes with a 1080p full HD camera having an angle up to 120°, which allows us for a wider capture, the camera can also be tilted to 90° giving you more control for taking pictures with perfection. It also comes with an FPV function which allows in streaming a live feed of video for you to navigate properly.

Unlike other drones this Potensic t25 drone is very comfortable to use as the control panel is not too complicated and you can memorize it while using it regularly, it has a very sleek and smaller design which is adorable to look having the company’s name and logo on the top of it then fitted with a brushless motors providing it with powerful propulsion force and at the end of motor and it has a built-in LED light providing clear vision in any condition. The camera is mounted underneath and the landing gears are on point with the shock absorbers this is a very lightweight drone having a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Read this amazing potensic t25 drone review to get a detailed view about this drone and then buy it to make recording and photography easier.