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A Survey of All Landscaping Trends Hot in 2020

The landscaping industry is doing beautifully right now, with annual revenues of $93 billion—and no wonder. Every homeowner knows the feeling of satisfaction that comes from freshly-cut grass, clean edges, tasteful bushes and trees, perennial flowers.

Similarly, when we go to commercial establishments, pleasant landscaping out front can improve its professionalism and trustworthiness. If you care enough to tend to your landscaping, you probably care enough to go above and beyond with your clientele.

Here, we take a look at all landscaping trends making an impact in 2020, both residential and commercial. If you need inspiration for your next project, or you’re a landscaper looking to get up-to-date, this article’s for you.

Implementing Hardscapes

Hardscapes are an excellent way to up your landscaping game. To create tiers in your garden or to simply boost curb appeal, hardscapes add depth to any lawn.

Businesses like Cherry Oak Landscaping can install any number of features—retaining walls, statues, walkways, fountains, other water features, and more. Hardscaping works well to highlight existing features, like pools, or can stand alone. This trend offers a great way to add something unique to any lawn.

Low-Maintenance Yards

Another thing homeowners are obsessed with besides curb appeal? Something that doesn’t require their entire weekend tending to!

Low-maintenance yards are becoming a significant trend in 2020. That means fewer hours cutting the grass and more time enjoying your backyard.

There are several eco-friendly, easy-to-maintain options to have in your yard besides traditional grass:

  • Artificial turf, which requires no mowing, fertilizing, or weed control
  • Groundcovers, aka plants that grow wide but not tall, providing an excellent grass alternative. Options include Creeping jenny, Asian star jasmine, and others
  • Ornamental, drought-resistant grasses
  • Perennial flower beds

This trend is one all homeowners can appreciate—a lawn that looks great without excessive upkeep.

Vertical Gardens

Take your gorgeous garden and flip it on its side, because vertical gardens are showing up everywhere!

Homeowners can make them for the house, or businesses can use them as fresh, green backdrops. This is the kind of decor that would look great at a new, plant-inspired restaurant. Or, you can keep it simple and sustainable and have a collection of potted herbs growing right in your kitchen.

Vertical gardens work great with plants like perennials, annuals, fresh herbs, vines, and more. With the proper care, they work great both inside and outside.

All Landscaping, All the Time

Beautiful landscaping not only looks nice, but it’s healthy and eco-friendly, too. We could all benefit from a little more greenery in our lives!

These aren’t all the landscaping trends, either. There are more where this came from, so don’t be afraid to keep looking for further inspiration. Whether you’ve got a landscaping project coming up or you’re just flexing your green thumb, there’s a gardening fad for you!

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