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OLAPLEX Lawsuit: The Details

The OLAPLEX lawsuit has sent shockwaves through the beauty industry.

In fact, when a group of thirty women came forward with claims of hair loss and damage after using OLAPLEX hair products… it became headline news, but is there merit to their claims?

This case is more than just another product liability claim. It’s about trust between consumers and brands in the cosmetics sector.

With every new development in the OLAPLEX lawsuit, we’re reminded that sometimes, even our favorite products can cause controversy.

The Lawsuit Against OLAPLEX

There’s a storm brewing in the beauty industry.

Luxury haircare brand, OLAPLEX, finds itself at the center of it all.

A mass-action complaint has been filed against them by thirty women alleging that multiple OLAPLEX products caused significant hair loss and breakage instead of delivering on their promise to nourish or restore damaged locks.

Details about The Plaintiffs’ Allegations

The lawsuit alleges that these adverse effects were not just limited to thinning strands but also included bald spots and scalp irritation.

This isn’t what you’d expect from using premium quality hair care products like those offered by OLAPLEX.

Timeline Of The Lawsuit

  • Filing Date:
  1. This legal action was initiated on February 9th when attorney Amy Davis lodged this multi-plaintiff suit in California courts accusing the company of false advertising among other charges.

All allegations have thus far been denied outrightly by OLAPLEX.

Customers’ Experiences with OLAPLEX Products

The journey of customers who bought OLAPLEX products has been a rollercoaster.

Damaged stringy hair, scalp irritation, and bald spots are just some of the adverse effects reported by users.

Despite this small portion of the population claiming hair damage, thousands of customers use OLAPLEX and experience improvements in their hair health. 

Reported Side Effects From Using OLAPLEX

The lawsuit claims OLAPLEX products caused severe allergic reactions that can lead to open sores and even seborrheic dermatitis in extreme cases, adding further alarm to the lawsuit claims against the brand.

Response from OLAPLEX

OLAPLEX, the hair care brand at the center of this lawsuit, has categorically denied all allegations.

OLAPLEX maintains that their products are not only harmless, but also promote hair health and beauty.

OLAPLEX has emphatically asserted that none of their products lead to hair loss or breakage, as indicated on their website.

JuE Wong, CEO of OLAPLEX, went a step further by publicly releasing test results from independent third-party laboratories.

These results were aimed towards stylists and customers who had been shaken up by these lawsuit claims against multiple OLAPLEX products.

In her statement, she emphasized trust in OLAPLEX, stating it was built over years through transparency and commitment to quality. She added that no expense was spared when ensuring each ingredient used met global regulatory standards, including those for banned substances like lilial, which some accuse OLAPLEX contained earlier.

OLAPLEX stands firm against hair loss allegations, asserting their products are safe and effective. CEO JuE Wong releases independent test results to reassure stylists and customers. Trust in OLAPLEX built through transparency and commitment to quality.

Future Plans Regarding The Case

The lawsuit against OLAPLEX continues to evolve.

Dallas-based attorney Amy Davis, representing the plaintiffs in this case, has signalled her intention to amend the complaint soon with additional claimants – a clear indication of mounting consumer grievances concerning these beauty care products.

This amendment will include additional plaintiffs – a clear sign of an increasing number of consumers alleging harm due to usage of these beauty care items.

OLAPLEX’s Preparedness Towards Defending Its Reputation

In response to these allegations and potential amendments, OLAPLEX remains defiant.

The brand started offering home-care formulas with confidence in its product safety and effectiveness despite being accused otherwise.

The company claims, “it’s prepared to vigorously defend itself against what it terms ‘baseless accusations’.”

FAQs in Relation to OLAPLEX Lawsuit

Is there a class action lawsuit against OLAPLEX?

Yes, a mass-action complaint has been filed against OLAPLEX in California by thirty women alleging significant hair loss and damage from using the brand’s products.

Why is OLAPLEX facing lawsuit?

OLAPLEX is facing a lawsuit due to claims that its products cause severe hair loss, bald spots, breakage and scalp irritation instead of nourishing or restoring hair as advertised.

What is the controversy with OLAPLEX?

The controversy involves allegations that use of OLAPLEX’s luxury haircare products leads to serious adverse effects such as extensive hair loss and scalp irritations rather than delivering promised benefits.

What is the ingredient in OLAPLEX that was recalled?

No specific ingredient recall related to this case has been reported for OLAPLEX. The lawsuit focuses on overall product performance rather than individual ingredients.


The OLAPLEX lawsuit has certainly stirred up the beauty industry.

It’s a case that highlights consumer trust and brand responsibility in an era where product safety is paramount.

From hair loss allegations to OLAPLEX’s robust defense, we’ve navigated through the complexities of this high-profile legal battle.

We’ve also delved into customer experiences with OLAPLEX products, shedding light on both positive and negative outcomes.

This story serves as a reminder that even popular brands can face unexpected challenges, but their response can shape public perception significantly.

For more insights into how companies like OLAPLEX navigate these complex situations while maintaining their reputation, consider following our project. We aim to provide balanced coverage of the ongoing lawsuit against OLAPLEX for alleged hair loss issues. Track the progress of this case by staying on top of our latest pieces.