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Top ManyChat Course for Marketing

Many courses for ManyChat out there are varying when it comes to how to utilize the bot for you. A lot of them leave you with many technical questions answered, but they don’t actually build your bot with you and help guide you through a custom-tailored experience that you, your business, and your customers need. Everyone and every business is different, and because of this, it’s important to know what you’re getting in a ManyChat course. Most of them also offer advice that helped them out, but they may not be suited to your individual needs. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best ManyChat courses for marketing out there.

Smart Bot Marketers ManyChat Course

Smart Bot Marketers offers a unique and probably the most “tailored for you” experience when it comes to offering a ManyChat course. While it may be higher than some of the others out there, it’s full of a ton of information, and guarantees that if you use their course you can increase your revenue, customer experience, and your ROI to the fullest, as well as use their automation skills to help design a fully automated chatbot that works for you so you can do the rest of your job while raking in the passive customers and sales.

Facebook ChatBot Marketing on Udemy

Udemy offers many affiliate marketing ManyChat courses, and while there are many users enrolled in their affiliates’ websites, their promises don’t offer 5 star service. As a matter of fact, some people even claim they’ve been scammed, so be careful what you choose.

Nathan Williams, Build a FB Messenger Bot in 90 Minutes!

Okay, so this seems a little farfetched. Yes, you can build a bot. But what will it actually do? This is still one of the best courses that can help you learn all about ManyChat though, so we’re going to include it on the list.

Anton Viborniy, Chatbot in Facebook Messenger using Manychat

This promises to help you build your chatbot in one hour. While that sounds great, it’s not going to be custom tailored to your specified needs, and more importantly, the course is pretty expensive.

Should I Hire Someone?

While the prerogative is completely up to you, you could always hire someone for your company to build your smartbot. Expect this price to be extremely expensive in the long run however, because even the basic chatbot company doesn’t teach you while they design it, and then you are left up to them most of the time when it comes to operating and using it (or making your own customizations) yourself.


Our bet is on Smart Bot Marketers. After extensive research, we’ve found that Shane has the most qualified experience with tools that are excellent in addition to using a chatbot and automated marketing strategy. With the mini-course that is offered by them, you can get a great price on a course that can change your business one hundred percent to the positive and learn how to make your customers satisfied with your automated chatbot while capitalizing your gains.