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Top Online Courses in Interior Design

Online interior design courses are a go-to in today’s pandemic hit the world. The concept of a virtual classroom has become so common in our lives, that we can access courses from anywhere around the globe from the comforts of our homes or home offices. The design industry is flourishing at a very high pace and the demand for an interior designer is rising as per global trends. These online interior design courses offer a wide range of knowledge to professionals and non-professionals, anyone who is passionate about design to kick start their career. To discover the secrets of interior design, these courses below can be easily accessed online. 

Home Design Institute, Paris 

Home Design Institute Paris ( is an online platform to learn interior design and landscape design. It offers a wide range of courses that are free and paid. The courses are taught by top-rated architects with a great deal of knowledge. They help build your portfolio, by engaging in virtual projects with practical training aspects. These real-time courses help in keeping up with the latest trends and fulfill your dream of becoming a successful freelancer. With the help of the best lecturers, HDI offers certificate courses that are recognized and valid in the entire EU region. 

The online interior design courses are formulated with a combination of the creative and technological knowledge base. They are synchronous courses available via zoom, while allows you to be a part of the virtual classroom with other students and faculty. The website also has blogs that help keep up with the latest trends better. 

Oxford Home Study 

Free Online Interior Design courses are available at Home Study Center that is open to anyone looking to build a successful career in interior design. The courses are framed in a way that makes learning easy for ambitious candidates worldwide. The introductory course emphasizes primarily the fundamentals of interior design and its objectives. The enrolment is open throughout the year making it flexible to suit your time. The course also offers an understanding of the profession by teaching designer-client relationships and many more aspects related to the interior design profession. Certificate and diploma courses are also available, sometimes at discounted prices. 

MIT Open Course Ware: Principles of Design

Clients often look for credentials and everyone will be okay if you have taken your course from MIT, a prestigious institution. Students refine their skills in presentation, rendering, and research, as it is very important to learn the basics before diving deep into the profession. A much serious course as compared to the others as it conducts exams at the end of every term, your work being critiqued by professionals. Aspiring designers can build a solid foundation with the course and it is a great starting point to better your design concepts.   

LinkedIn Learning – Lynda 

If you are a professional, you are already aware of LinkedIn, an online professional social networking platform that allows one to search for jobs, connect with their peers, and also provides online certificate courses. They are available to individuals or to companies who can purchase them for their employees. These Interior Design Classes & Courses are framed to mainly help professionals to get Licenses and certificates that help in career enhancements. They are tied up with skill-building software like SketchUp, Solidworks, Revit, and other such modelling software that are key to building spaces for interior design.  


Style your space: Creative Tips and Techniques for Interior Design, Interior Design Masterclass: Ultimate Essentials & Insider Techniques, Everyday Minimalism: Find Calm & Creativity in Living Simply, and the list is vast that is available on Skillshare, yet another online platform to hone your skills on interior design. The courses consist of learning the different interior design principles, using various tools and methods to bring your ideas to life, and creating beautiful spaces, with the help of mood boards, lighting, and space planning. The courses also focus on upskilling design software like SketchUp, AutoCAD, and provides hands-on experience by generating design projects.   


Udemy offers low-budget courses for students in various fields. Under the gamut of interior design, courses like How to design a Room in 10 Easy Steps, How to Use Colour Like a Pro, Intro to Interior design courses are a few that are readily available at a minimal cost. The courses are taught by instructors from across the globe as it gives opportunities to teach online. The courses are packed with hands-on experience and it will get you started with a career path. Topics like minimalism and foundation level for interior design are their top-rated courses.   

YouTube Courses

An ample number of courses are available on YouTube as it is an open-source platform. Multiple tutors help in breaking down the courses in the form of tutorials to share their knowledge and experience in interior design. This is a free platform to access many courses not only for interior design but other design-related courses as well. With the basics of hand sketching, drawing perspectives, to understanding the 3D aspects of design, the number of available courses are countless and free. These freehand skills are what you want, to impress your clients. Get a hands-on experience with the free tutorials with amazing overlapping content, on every topic that has been created by different artists and design professionals. 

Get ahead and enrol in courses that you are deeply interested in. To enhance your skills, these courses have been designed to reach you at the convenience of your time. Grasp the fundamentals, with the help of professional support, and feel free to reach them at any time, right from the comfort of your homes.