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Divorce Has a Lasting Impact on Your Health

Divorce is often linked to negative emotions like anxiety, sadness, worry, and feeling overwhelmed. According to Elizabeth Lombardo, a psychologist and physical therapist based in Chicago, these emotions stress your body.

The specific events leading to divorce proceedings can drag on, resulting in chronic stress that affects your entire body system. Therefore, you need a Galveston divorce attorney to help handle the legal aspects of your break up. Here are some of the ways divorce could affect your health.

Increased anxiety and risk of depression

Everyone going through a breakup or divorce experiences raised anxiety. No matter what your separation was all about, Mayo Clinic warns that a significant life event can result in increased anxiety. Divorce is one of those major events. Healthcare professionals warn that higher anxiety levels interfere with your daily life and, in worst cases, could cause psychological and physical health issues.

According to a study done in 2013 by the Clinical Psychological Science journal, people battling with divorce are more likely to experience depression. However, not everyone experiences a spike in the risk of depression – it is an issue experienced by people with anxiety issues or who have dealt with depression in the past.

Insomnia and high blood pressure

In most cases, people going through a divorce tend to lose appetite and the ability to sleep during and after the divorce. A 2014 research published in Health Psychology journal linked sleep problems after divorce with the heightened risk of developing blood pressure. According to the study, people who experience sleep problems for over ten weeks following a divorce are at higher risk of experiencing high blood pressure.

High risk of having a heart attack

Divorce can take a severe toll on your heart, and this is bad news. A study that was done in 2015 and published on the Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes Journal, women going through a divorce or who had been through this issue were 24 percent more like to suffer s heart attack. Besides, those who had gone through divorce twice or more had a 77 percent increased risk of a heart attack.

More research done by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health suggested that individuals who live through significant life events like divorce tend to develop chronic health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, they might end up developing mobility issues such as difficulty in climbing stairs.

Wrap up

Stress during or after divorce wreaks such havoc for many reasons. First, it causes high blood pressure and switches your immune system’s inflammatory response to overdrive. This increased inflammatory levels could result in nearly anything from the common cold to severe autoimmune disorders. Besides, feeling frazzled makes it more challenging to stick to healthy habits.

For example, whenever you’re anxious, you might not remember to reach your garden for a fresh garden salad. In fact, it becomes easier to remember your whiskey bottle or wine bottle in the kitchen. There’s a good chance you’re skimping sleep, and that’s not good for your health.