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7 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Cricket Betting Website

Online betting is catching up rapidly in India. From online mobile games to sports betting, everyone wants to try out their luck. Sports betting is quickly catching up to other online betting games like Teen Patti and Rummy.

In a country like India, cricket has a special place in everyone’s mind and heart. Many have been following cricket for decades and know the game inside out. With online cricket betting, many have a golden opportunity to showcase their cricketing knowledge, experience, and hope to earn money.

With the increase in the popularity of online betting, there are many cricket betting sites in India. There are hundreds of betting sites operating in the country. When real money is involved, you can’t take chances. A few precautions are to be taken before choosing a betting site. We have compiled a list of 7 mistakes to avoid when choosing a betting site so that you will have a great time betting on your favorite sport.  

Building Up Hopes: When starting out, you must manage your expectations. One important thing to keep in mind is it takes patience and restrain to make profits in the long run. In the short-term, many will face losses. You can’t expect to roll in stacks of money overnight when you start. Prior research is also essential to understand the ball-park figures you can get if you win.

Not Claiming Welcome Bonus: Many betting websites will give credit amount as a welcome bonus. Many get caught in the enthusiasm that they start gambling with their money right away. A welcome bonus is critical for you to claim. Firstly, it is not your money. Secondly, you can utilize a welcome bonus to acclimatize yourself with the website and get to know more about it. This is important as some websites don’t have functional interfaces and customer services. You can try some other sites to continue your betting exploits.

Too Many Plays/Bets: Wagering on too many matches is not recommended as you will lose track of the games you place your bets. Putting too many bets may sound attractive as you can hedge your losses with a few wins on other plays. But it has been proved that in the long run, your winnings will reduce. Additionally, you are relatively inexperienced and could cause you to lose your money in a single night.

Not Checking Withdrawal Options: Betting platforms offer many ways to deposit your money such as Skrill, bitcoin, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Netbanking and instant payment wallets like Paytm. There are a few that make it difficult to withdraw your winnings and this is a red flag for any platform. A good cricket betting platform should be the one where you can quickly get your winnings deposited to your bank account. Customer service is also essential in the circumstances where your money doesn’t get deposited and stuck in the system somewhere. So, excellent quality customer service is also necessary.

Bankroll Management: When you are starting, it is essential to know that you can lose control of this habit unless you are in control. Bankroll management teaches you precisely this. It is the practice of limiting the amount you can wager as a percentage of your total allocated amount. As a thumb-rule, many professionals bet 10 percent of their total funds.

Betting on Shady Sites: Probably the most important of them all. Before choosing a betting site, you should research about the website by reviews on Google and any other feedback on related forums. If the reputation of the site is not good, it is not advised to bet there as you will be giving critical information like bank account details, etc. It is also possible that they are rigged to make users win first and force them to bet more only to lose it all.Ignoring Odds and Lines: The odds are significant as they determine your winnings. Before choosing a website, be aware of the odds and lines so that you can estimate your winnings. Many bookmakers will have similar odds in a small range. It makes it even more important to research several bookmaker websites. Additionally, understand the rules and conditions before placing a bet.

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