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How to Choose Your First Wig

Has the thought ever crossed your mind of buying a wig? It can be for fashion needs or to address perennial hair issues. Now you might be thinking that there is no harm in taking the plunge! Gone are the days where spotting a hair wig was a fashion trend. It presents a smart mechanism to save you from stress.

People fail to take note that hair coloring treatments and styling sessions could show its impact on your hair. For this reason, wearing a wig at an occasional level during meetings might not be a bad idea. Moreover, the fact is that a hair wig opens up avenues of experimentation or effortless hairstyling mechanisms.

So it is an ideal scenario when you are going out of your house but just like any other purchase, it calls for research and paying attention to details. Else you will be left with a heap of fluff that is going to be of no use. Now, what are the pointers which you need to keep in mind while purchasing a wig? Let’s check an overview of the same.

Points to keep in mind while purchasing a wig are:

The purchase of a wig can be comparable with purchasing a dress as when we go to buy a dress we generally check the quality and size of it without which a dress can be wrongly bought so the same occurs in case of a wig selection. So it’s better to avoid choosing a wig on the basis of photo or model presentation.

Some of the reasons for the same are mentioned below:-

  • Synthetic hair or Natural hair

There is no point in arguing like which of them is better. The decision is better at your own level but before arriving at a decision it is better to know both the pros and cons of it.

Human hair

  • A natural look,
  • Available in natural colors and a durable look is assured,
  • In different ways they can be styled,
  • Can be costly,

Synthetic wig

  • Showcases an artificial look.
  • Available in numerous varieties and styles. Once exposed to hot synthetic tools possibility of damage occurs.
  • A budget-friendly option.
  • Retains its shape and you should not be styling it often.

According to the face, human wigs might seem to be a better option.

Style goals

Are you planning for flowing long tresses, pixie cut?

Before a haircut, you have to answer these questions. The purchase of a wig is a similar process but you have to incorporate texture and hair color to the mixture which means you might be having a variety of options to choose from. A popular type is lace front wig human hair.

The wig style options are enormous. Before you go shopping, your personal style and fashion trends need to be given due consideration. It is because these factors ensure that you do not look something out of the blue.

A perfect look

A perfect look means that aligns with your personality like for picking the style and type of wig, you have to figure on how it looks on you. Even you should add your daily routine to this equation. By finding out answers to all these questions it is possible to determine whether you can cope up with a high-end wig or not which are like,

  • The duration you are going to wear it.
  • How it looks on you?
  • Are you able to manage yourself after walking for an hour?
  • Does the style align with your needs?

If yes is the answer to all the above questions then it is advocated to purchase the wig.

Would it be better to purchase or hand make a wig?

In this modern era of creativity, there is always an option to make your own wig. In the market, wig bundles are easily available and they are a viable option. A notable feature is that it is possible to weave hair bundles on the basis of your needs.

The only concern is you need to possess skills to crave that perfect look.  A missed step could mess up hair bundles and you cannot rectify it with a brush.

My personal choice would be a store rather than a DIY mechanism.

The cost of a good quality wig

Purchasing a wig calls for a major investment. Some stores are there in the market selling it a whopping $3500. A trick to follow is to explore all your options, compare and choose the best. If you are lucky then you can end up purchasing a wig for $100.

If human hair is beyond your budget then you can purchase synthetic wigs that are cost-effective. Their price range is between $5to $100.

How to store a wig?

Demarcating a storage space for your wigs is a proper way for its shape maintenance. When you place it in a designated spot it would not tangle and stay intact.

Here a few options for you to store the wig:-

  • Keep it away from sunlight and wind it by storing it in a box.
  • The synthetic wigs can be placed back in the box.

Proper Wig Selection

Purchase a wig in a way that looks natural and conveys a style statement that aligns with your looks. Do pay consideration to the above buying guide else of which you might end up purchasing a fashion faux. Obviously, you would not want such a situation if you are churning big bucks.