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How to create a Website that is Impactful

The beauty of the internet is that you can reach the whole world. The problem is that everybody else on earth can also do so, providing they have access to it. Since you are not physically meeting the people passing by on your website to look at your offer, you need for your message to be clear and for your visual to be impactful, so that they remember you when they leave. You can also get the help of a Software development team to create such impactful website. Here is how to do so. 

Use Videos

If you take a closer look at all statistics regarding online use, you will discover that the number one media is video. In fact, the most popular way to advertise online today, is through videos positioned on the social media YouTube. Therefore, your own website should feature videos as well, in order to replace static images, but also the accumulation of words, which can be too much time consuming for internet users.

The videos you position will also have to be impactful in themselves. Since people don’t have time to watch 20 minute videos, you should think about using a time lapse camera to tell your story. If you own a construction company, or you work in special events (as examples), place a time lapse camera from the moment you start building and let it roll until the end. You will find yourself with an impressive short video showing all the work you do, in its entirety. It will also have a great memory-effect on people, as they will remember you as the company using the cool fast forward video. That is the kind of impact you want to have on people visiting your website. 

Position Calls to Action

If people navigate your site, they may think it is pretty and interesting, but if they find no calls to action, you won’t get anything out of them. They can be of different natures, depending on the goal of your website. If it is meant to be informative on something coming up in the future, then you need to get people to subscribe to a newsletter. It should be easy to do so and the location to sign-up quite visible, so that they don’t have to search for it.

If what you want is for people to buy your products or services, and it can be done online, all of your web pages should be created in order to direct potential customers to your boutique, where they will go through the acquisition process. Again, it should be easy to access and to navigate. Otherwise, people won’t try twice. They will just go and buy what they need on someone else’s website.

Client Services

Even though you cannot be there in person, make sure to install an automatic message system that will be able to answer potential questions. These come in the form of AI these days, and they can answer most of the basic questions that your customers usually have for a company in your field. When the conversation goes beyond their capacity, they transfer the call to a person, providing you have someone to answer at the time this happens.