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Curtains, Blinds or Shutters, Which Should You Choose

Choosing the right decoration for your windows is an important decision. When you are decorating a living room or a bedroom, the choice between curtains, blinds, or shutters can leave many people wondering which is best. There are benefits to each of them, so let’s show you how to choose the best solution for your unique needs.

Bagging Some Blinds

Blinds, in comparison to curtains, are a sturdier option. You can easily purchase blinds in Mornington for cheap. Because blinds are usually the cheapest solution depending on the type you choose and as you have more options to pick, it becomes an ideal option for those that are looking for a wide variety of styles. It’s the perfect choice for people looking to build upon a blank canvas. There are other benefits to having blinds. For example, if you have a blind, you can adjust the amount of sunlight that comes into the room, making it the perfect choice for bedrooms. But they also work great with rooms that have large window frames. They can also work perfectly for those who are trying to exude a more minimalist approach to their home. In addition to this, blinds provide a lot of privacy. It’s a sturdy option that makes it difficult for anybody to peek inside the home. Anybody that closes their curtains and accidentally leaves a gap in a busy neighbourhood could find the nosy neighbours peeking through, on occasion!

Settling on Shutters

Shutters are a fantastic choice when you need to control the amount of light that comes into your room. Shutters offer you full control over the light levels. And as shutters can help you to alter the distribution of light in your rooms better than blinds or curtains, you won’t need to rely on artificial lights, which will save you money in the long run. Shutters are also easy to maintain. When you compare shutters to curtains, which require a lot of effort to wash or clean, or even having to dust Venetian blinds, shutters only require wiping down with a damp cloth once a week. With reduced maintenance means extra downtime so you can enjoy relaxing in your room and marvelling at the delights of your shutters. From an aesthetic perspective, they can work very well to complement your colour scheme. Shutters come in a wide variety of colours so you can create an aesthetic that suits your personality. Whether you have a very dark colour scheme and you need a stark contrast with light shutters or you want to evoke a more nature-oriented feel with green shutters, there is a wide variety available to you. They are also incredibly durable. They are usually made from solid hardwood which lasts a long time. And this, in combination with the fact that they can help give you peace and quiet and even add value to your home means that shutters can be a fantastic addition to anybody’s property.

Choosing Curtains

Curtains are a staple of many homes. And curtains can provide a wide variety of benefits. Curtains can add a sense of texture to a room, which is ideal if you don’t have a home that is particularly striking. Naturally, curtains are good at preventing the sunlight from coming in but only if they are thick enough. They can add a significant layer of privacy and creates a barrier between your windows and the outside which can help forge that sanctuary feeling. Curtains are also fantastic for insulating noise and heat. If you live in a home that is prone to getting cold during the winter because of a lack of insulation, curtains can add that extra bit of protection. And during the nights if you have a noisy neighbourhood, shutting the curtains can help to drown out the noise.

Which Should I Choose?

You have to make the decision yourself but here are are some of the things you need to consider:

Do you want to control the level of lights and the level of privacy?

If you are looking for a way to control both of these, especially if you live in a busy built-up city area, shutters can provide this in ways that curtains and blinds cannot. As blinds can be open closed or tilted at an angle and curtains are either just open or closed, shutters can help you to alter your privacy and light.

What’s the best fit for your window?

Curtains come in one size and while shutters can be custom-built, blinds are easy to install and are low-maintenance. A perfect fit for any window with minimal fuss.

What is the most child friendly?

Children love to play with curtains as they love to hide behind them and shutters can be a good choice for children’s rooms and nurseries but with blinds, they may have cords that children want to play with, but blinds are fine for most rooms apart from the kids’ bedroom. While blinds are easy to manoeuvre, it’s important to keep the cord out of the reach of young children. However, if you have got older children this won’t be an issue.

Other Things to Consider Before Buying Blinds

When you are deciding on curtains, blinds, and shutters you need to focus on three key areas. Firstly the budget is something that most of us have to think about. But when you are looking for a blind, you can very easily find something within your budget. Shutters can be more expensive but you are paying for the aesthetics. When it comes to blinds you can purchase ones from different fabrics including synthetic and plastic. When you choose the right material, this can add an extra layer as far as the look of your home is concerned. But you should also think about how it looks. When you incorporate a blind and it’s not suitable for your decorating taste or style, you’ve got to make sure that it is an ideal fit.

So which should you choose? The choice is yours. There are many benefits to all three.