Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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3 Big Bathroom Trends For 2019

Whether your family bathroom is looking a little tired and outdated, or that downstairs cloakroom is fast becoming an embarrassment, 2019 is the year you should bite the bullet and refurbish your space.

One of the first things to consider when planning your new bathroom is how it will look. There are multiple ways to decorate your interiors and the overall style will depend on your own unique tastes and preferences.

Inspiration can be found in many places, with Pinterest, Instagram, interior design magazines and even online bathroom retailers invaluable sources of bathroom ideas.

If you’re looking to keep up with the latest trends in bathroom design, we’ve picked out three major looks which will be big in 2019.

Bring the outdoors indoors

Bathroom interiors will be returning to nature this year, with organic materials set to make a big splash. Blurring the boundaries between the outdoors and indoors has led to a surge in the sale of houseplants, especially those which thrive in the warm and humid environment that a bathroom can bring.

Rustic materials such as wood, marble, slate and stone, are being used increasingly by homeowners and experts alike to create a more natural feel to bathroom interiors.

Floral patterns and organic motifs provide a complementary backdrop to this look.
If your budget doesn’t extend to these types of materials, you can easily “fake” it by substituting manmade materials instead. Stone, wood and marble effect tiles look just like the real thing, whilst MDF is a more-cost effective and durable alternative to genuine hardwood. Vinyl and laminate bathroom flooring can also be used, faithfully recreating the look and feel of stone or wood.

Designed to be mindful

A lifestyle trend which has carried over into bathroom design, mindfulness is a meditation technique which allows you to focus on thoughts as they arise, rather than feeling stressed, anxious or worried by them. Whether you are simply thinking about breathing, brushing your teeth or washing your hair, this approach allows you to carefully consider your actions and ultimately contributes to your mental wellbeing.

Many people are now modelling their bathrooms with this concept in mind, creating a less-cluttered, more relaxed home in which to focus their thoughts. A calming, soothing colour palette, coupled with simple, yet stylish fixtures and fittings, promotes genuine relaxation.

To enhance the look and feel of this style, choose matt finishes, rather than gloss, as they can produce a harsh glare. Also, pick out softer materials which will absorb sound and produce a more comforting feel, in the form of towels, bath mats and robes.
A mindful bathroom is the perfect antidote to the hustle-bustle of modern life and we feel it is set to gain popularity in 2019.

Darker colours

If you have walked around any designer shop or boutique hotel of late, you may have noticed darker colours and a more theatrical setting. This trend for darker colour schemes has now extended to bathrooms, with many homeowners opting for bold backdrops to their designer bathroom suites.

Whilst black is an obvious choice to achieve this look, other darker colours are worth considering such as midnight blue, grey or deep purple. To bring a touch of illumination to your setting, you should consider modern LED lighting set within mirrors or around furniture. Gloss finishes will add a more sensory experience to your bathroom, producing intriguing effects.

Another consideration for your darker setting is a metallic finish. The more common chrome taps, showers and accessories are set to be replaced by gold, nickel, copper and rose gold. You can easily discover matching ranges which use high quality plating techniques to create a beautiful finish, which will work well with your colour scheme.

Whichever style you choose, make sure you incorporate elements which reflect your own personality to make your bathroom a unique space in which you can unwind

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