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Ways to Get Your New York Medical Marijuana Card Online

After the beginning of New York’s MMJ or medical marijuana plan in July 2014, there has been a spurt in people applying for an MMJ card in the state. The Compassionate Care Act offers legal protection for caregivers and patients through state authorization for licensing and regulating the sale of medical cannabis.

Every patient in the state has to qualify with specific conditions to apply the New York medical marijuana card. With the help of some companies offering online registration, you can finish the process faster. Here is everything you need to know about the process.

Step 1: Consider Your Qualification for Medical Cannabis

Unlike states like California, where doctors recommend medical cannabis for a variety of diseases, rules are slightly strict in New York. Here, you need a written proof by a licensed doctor for your ailment to qualify as an MMJ patient.

The qualifying ailments are cancer, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, HIV positive, spasticity, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, and inflammatory bowel problems.

Step 2: Find a Medical Dispensary to Book an Appointment

Nearly 1% of licensed MDs in New York are registered under the medical marijuana program of the state. This makes it challenging to find the best dispensary for consultation and purchase of medical cannabis.

You may walk into a doctor’s office and wait for hours to get an appointment or choose online appointment tools to set a consultation date at your convenience. Also, you can consult with the physician through an online platform for evaluation of your ailment and prescribed treatment. It hardly takes more than 15-20 minutes to get through this step.

Step 3: Get a Patient ID

The licensed dispensaries in New York are sparse in number. That means patients have to drive long distances to reach a dispensary where they can get their patient ID. Mostly, you can find them in the regions like Buffalo, New York City, and Albany. There is a scarcity of dispensaries in the rural areas while the dispensaries in New York City serve long Island and Westchester County.

Under these circumstances, it makes much sense to apply online and get a better consultation with an MD for a medical cannabis prescription. If the doctor approves you after consultation, you will get your patient ID. It encompasses your details and a specific number that you can use to register with NY DOH. Also, for eligibility under this program, you have to prove your residency in New York State.

Step 4: Get Your MMJ Card

After registering with NY DOH, you will receive your New York medical marijuana card in the next 1-2 weeks. Once you get your card, you can buy medical cannabis from any licensed dispensary in the state without any legal repercussions. In New York State, the validity of the MMJ card does not exceed one year. Hence, every patient in the state has to recertify every year through a licensed MD to renew their card.

Remember, the New York State does not allow cannabis flowers and edible products. So, you can apply only for capsules, vape oils, inhalers, and liquids in the state.