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Check Out These Tips to Snag a Quick Home Sale

Having an estate property is your biggest asset, and anything can be done with it- from long term home investment to a profitable financial opportunity. Fortunately, selling and buying fixer-upper homes and estates are still going strong and always in demand for new listings from hopeful homeowners.

Sellers are always on the lookout for opportunities to get their selling price as high as possible and getting a massive return on their initial investment. This means setting up the proper first impression without spending too much since it affects the sale’s potential profit.

Here are some quick tips to get faster sales and gain a much bigger cut in your home.

Understanding Home Selling

Selling one’s property isn’t as simple as making a listing and expecting someone to take the bait. All tips and points will deem ineffective without understanding the whole market and, of course, mindset. Before anything else, do expect that the whole ordeal of selling estates takes time and effort, and the longer the house is on the online listing, the lesser the chances of it getting sold.

For investors to gain a successful sale, one should always have patience and understand that the housing market changes in demand often. And as a seller, you should put your efforts on highlighting the best parts of your estate and steal the demand spotlight.

Get Your Own Real Estate Agent

There is a real difference in how homeowners sell their properties compared to how real estate agents do. More than often, people tend to be attracted to listings posted by real estate agents.

These professionals have a trained eye for getting the best features of your home. They also have the ability to give a thorough explanation about what you should do and how much money you need to shell out for repairs and beautifications. All of this without raising the price tag too high.

However, the best part of getting a real estate agent is that they follow an objective approach. Regardless of your sentiment and emotional attachment to your home, these people would always give you a realistic assessment based on facts. Additionally, they are also the best people to ask around about the housing market.

Clearing and Cleaning

Perhaps the best and less costly way to improve your home is to clean it. A cluttered home is a neglected home, and buyers often avoid it or have second thoughts about buying it. Remember that first impression lasts, and getting things cleaned and in order would surely give your place a positive impression.

Paint and Improve Specific Rooms

So you’ve tidied up and depersonalized your home, but you still have those worn out wallpapers, old walls, and deadwood frames. You might think to yourself that you need to replace and improve them to get the house sold. But remember, you’re cutting costs to a minimum to get your price on the safe side, so fixing them is a bad option.

Instead, renovate and improve the rooms which get the most attention. It is recommended to renovate either the entryway, kitchen spaces, or the bedrooms. Homeowners put most of their finances in improving these areas, so it makes more sense to make these rooms fresh and clean.

Think of it this way: why would you spend money improving all areas and making your house harder to sell when you can easily focus on rooms that get the most attention and still offer a reasonable price?

Home Staging

In its essence, home staging is cleaning your home and rearranging its items into something appealing and attractive, much like a showroom. Getting a professional home stager is a good idea because they see your home from a buyer’s standpoint and understand what buyers want. They can improve strengths and lessen flaws that can dramatically improve your listing.

Alternatively, you can be a home stager and decorate your house by yourself. Just remember that it should be depersonalized and make each room functional and roomy, despite the flaws and renovations needed.

Selling Your Property to a Wholesaler

What most people don’t realize often is that when you sell a house, several wholesaler companies are also on the lookout for homes like yours.

Wholesaler companies, like Sundae, offer cash contracts for people who need immediate profit. More than likely, they will contact you for that, but you can always reach out and get a quote for the potential profit you’ll earn from them.

One clear advantage of these wholesaler companies is they are quick in purchasing fixer-upper houses. This is perfect for people in financial distress and willing to change prices, all to get the house out of their responsibilities.


The housing market is tough, and competition is fierce. But when you take a step back and choose the proper steps carefully, you are sure to gain an edge in the competition and gain maximum profit in selling your home.