Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Stay Safe and Cool with Fire Resistant Clothing

Whenever you are working in any industry that involves risk and prone to catch fire, your utmost priority should be your safety. The workers may face higher heat exposure and heat exhaustion during warm temperatures.

It is better to go with some protective layers or the fire resistant clothing that helps to safeguard you in all the working conditions. You may find it difficult to carry the heat resistant gears in hot temperatures but the fact is it helps you to stay calm and cool.

If you find that heat or fire resistant clothing to be expensive, it is not the truth. You can opt for price match and find that there is not much of a difference between the regular clothing and the fire resistant clothing.

Above all when it provides you with protection against various health effects that can be caused due to exposure to heat. You will find it worth to buy.

How Fire Resistant Clothing is Helpful in Adverse Conditions?

If your body faces exposure to heat continuously your body would undergo overheating. Overheating of the body may lead to heat rash, heat syncope, heat stroke, heat cramps and much more. Overheating may also lead to dizziness, exhaustion, stress, nausea and all the things that lead to low productivity. It is going to harm the growth of your business and also the net profit.

The use of FR clothing in such conditions can help you in the following ways:

  • Flame resistant clothing absorbs and emits the heat back keeping the body of the person wearing the FR clothes cooler. Even in the high heat atmosphere, you do not have to face its side effects.
  • You can choose different types of FR clothing with different arc rating as per the temperature fluctuations during your working hours. Hire the arc rating more protective it can prove for the wearer.
  • In case of fire, the FR clothing breaks open from your body and you do not suffer the burns in any way. It is good to safeguard your body in case of fire.
  • FR clothing helps the worker to lower the heat stress and perform better even in higher working temperatures.
  • While you buy the FR clothes for your workplace you must take THL that is total heat loss rating or capacity of the garment into consideration. It is used to define how comfortable a person can be in high-temperature workloads.
  • The FR garments have the capacity to absorb dry as well as wet heat leaving your body cool in all the unfavourable conditions.
  • FR garments can never leave you suffocating as the fabric used in the making of the garment has the air permeability as well as moisture wicking.
  • Along with all the features and properties detailed above to maintain the calm of workers and provide them with favourable conditions during work the weight of over clothes must be considered. Lightweight FR clothes would be readily worn by the workers and they would possess all the love for the clothes.

Final Words:

Not only the employees but also the safety managers in the company must be careful about what their workers are wearing during work. Especially the companies working in high-temperature zones must pay special attention to it.

FR resistant clothes not only provide safety to an employee but also they help to fulfil the set targets of the industry as the employees would be present maximum time if they are fit and healthy without any leave.

Most of the employees fall sick due to heat in and out the chemical industries, electric industries and other sectors exposed to high heat zone.

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