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Air Purifier: What You Didn’t Know

We are all aware of the numerous benefits of air purifiers. They can be a blessing for allergy and asthma suffers, anyone with respiratory problems, and those of us who want our air to feel a bit more luxurious. They work by using a filter to capture potentially harmful allergens and particles in the air, preventing you from breathing them in.

But did you know they can also help in reducing asbestos and in balancing carbon dioxide? Read on for the top facts you didn’t know about air purifiers!

1.They reduce carbon dioxide

As human beings, carbon dioxide is a standard element in the cycle of our breathing. We inhale oxygen and exhale the potentially poisonous carbon dioxide, and so the cycle continues. If we are stuck in a confined space and have a lack of oxygen circulating due to closed doors and windows or a lack of plants, this balance can be shattered.

In these situations, too much carbon dioxide can be produced, and we end up breathing this in by mistake. This risk can lead to dizziness, shortness of breath, loss of mental abilities, weakness, nausea, increased heart rate and blood pressure, drowsiness, sweating, lung diseases, and even unconsciousness, and death.

An air purifier can help to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in your home, preventing this scary situation from becoming an issue. A HEPA filter can correct the balance, maintaining oxygen flow and circulation and keeping our breathing patterns healthy.

2.They prevent Malaria

This may seem an extreme claim, but air purifiers do more than merely clean the air. They can help to eliminate annoying, hard-to-swat insects, all of which are crawling with various nasty germs and diseases.

This means you don’t have to use potentially harmful chemicals and toxins in your home. In addition, some bugs, such as mosquitos, remain unaffected by sprays, leaving them free to spread dangerous diseases such as malaria. By using an air purifier, you get rid of the mosquito, reducing your risk of infection.

3.They improve your mood

Research shows that breathing in cleaner air can reduce agitation and improve your mood. To enhance this, you can even get air purifiers which use ionizers. These produce ‘negative ions,’ which have been proven to improve mood, reduce depression, and lower the risk of Seasonal affective disorder.

4.They help you sleep

Breathing in polluted air can reduce sleep quality, with the poor air making you feel uncomfortable and less relaxed. Air purifiers can remove toxins and pollutants, as well as smells and particles from cooking, pets, and chemicals.

The sound of air purifiers is also a bonus – it produces a tone similar to white noise, which has long been recommended as a sleep aid.


Air purifiers have a number of great benefits – they can improve health, reduce allergies and triggers, and be a lifesaver for those with respiratory conditions. As a bonus, they can take care of a lot of other concerns for you; from improved mood to lack of mosquitos, this is an ideal investment for your lifestyle!