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Becoming an Exceptional Fashion Stylist

People in the entertainment industry and other sectors always show up to work and other public events looking extremely good. This does not just happen by magic because most of them work with professional stylists who help in organizing their wardrobe. 

Anyone who feels they have an eye for detail and dress people up to look nice, then a career as a fashion stylist will suit your personality. Still a little confused? Read on to find out who a fashion stylist is.

Who is a fashion stylist?

A fashion stylist is a trained expert who harmonizes a person’s image to make them look quite fashionable and dressed according to the event. Fashion stylists can be employed to work in different sectors and may work with clients who are either famous or just want to look stunning. Take up ASI fashion courses to learn more about becoming a fashion stylist.

What is expected of a fashion stylist?

ASI fashion courses give in-depth knowledge about the fashion industry. A fashion stylist’s job description differs but some of the common tasks expected of every fashion stylist include:

  • Going for runway shows, brand showrooms, and different fashion events to keep up to date with recent fashion trends and styles.
  • Doing findings of preceding fashion eras. This can be gotten from magazines, movies, or an old look-book to come up with fresh ideas, looks, and designs.
  • Try looking for clothes from brands and manufacturers in different parts of the world.
  • Talking with models, photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, costume designers, brand creative directors, and art directors, magazine editors, and film and TV directors.
  • Collaborate with public figures to determine a personal visual look. This can consist of personal shopping and playing the role of a personal stylist.

Where can I work as a fashion stylist?

Fashion stylists can be found working in either one or all of the following areas:

  • Go out on professional photoshoots
  • Be on-set when print advertisements and commercials are being televised
  • Be present during music videos
  • Be present during a client’s political campaign, to maintain the candidate’s look
  • In a TV newsroom or show
  • Giving tips to a costume designer preparing for a movie or television show (in this role, they are often referred to as the “wardrobe stylist”)
  • Carving out a personal style for a current or aspiring public figure.

Tips to become a great fashion stylist

Build strong networking skills

As a stylist, it is important to develop a client portfolio and network with other designers, industry experts, and go for different events related to your niche. This will help in building a strong network which is important in business.

Building personal relationships with others will aid in getting new clients. Very few fashion stylists will get jobs because their clients appeared on the red carpet or in top magazines.

Get experience

Some stylists go up to the level of obtaining a bachelor’s degree and even a master’s degree but are lacking when it comes to their years of experience. Obtaining a diploma is not a bad idea but experience will help in becoming a better stylist. Experience can be gotten through internships and volunteering.

Be current

Every stylist who is passionate about aesthetics needs to know recent fashion trends, be great at communicating, and ready to put in extra hours of hard work.