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How To Create Breathtaking Video Collage To Spice Up Your Normal Videos

As can be seen on several online platforms, higher engagement is always seen on visually appealing content and is no longer the foray of just good content. Pictures or the visual medium is what most online users today consume, and that is now transitioning to visual storytelling through videos gaining popularity. Vlogs, video ads, animations, and other formats are currently trending, which makes it essential for marketers or individuals who are looking to create a strong online presence to know about it.

In a world where videos are crucial to getting higher reach and engagement, you must use not just impeccable photos but give it the right flavor to make it more appealing. While there are several photos to video editors or collage makers that are out there in the market, knowing how to create stunning video collages is highly necessary.

So, let us explore some of the nifty tricks to help you create awe-inspiring videos using your simple photos:

Don’t just add photos to your collage; think of a theme or storyline

As is the case with several online content creators, the focus is too much on aesthetics and also less on the finer aspects of the content, which is the storyline. With attention spans at a bare minimum, many online creators tend not to put too much focus on the story or create a logical flow to their videos. However, this is something that will differentiate you from others.

For creating high-impact, think of a storyline and ensure you use pictures in your video collage appropriate for this theme. You could focus on emotion, storyline, or other elements that provide the audience knows what to expect, and no content feels out of place.

Include captions to help the audience connect with your storyline

While visual storytelling rests mostly on the effect and quality of your photos, you must add the right elements to help your audience connect and understand what you wish to convey. So, use the option to add captions, quotes, or short descriptions to your pictures to help the audience focus and draw attention to what you wish to share.

Additionally, remember to add captions during transitions, the beginning, and a proper CTA at the end, so the audience knows what you are trying to convey at each stage of the video. While this is optimal for marketers, it is also relevant to individuals or influencers.

Use catchy beats to create the right emotion within your audience

Even for a short 5-10 seconds video collage, the right music or audio tunes can make the full effect all the more pleasing. To get your audience’s attention, use catchy beats that blend with the emotion of your video. Choose from several free and copyrighted options available today, and make the right buzz with your video collage.

A word of caution, though; audio that is too loud or disrupts the flow of your video can have a negative impact. So be subtle and tone down the audio by not including any loud noises at the very beginning. Start with softer tunes and remember to keep a check on the volume so that there is no frill noise anytime. This is especially important since some viewers prefer to use headphones, and a deafening noise may not be appreciated.

Make use of effects and animations to keep your audience on their toes

Animations and how you use them to create the right transitions or add value to your content is what separates the pro from the amateur. Most beginners tend to use animations or effects that distract or add too much buzz, distracting the audience from the core content. So, focus on using animations that add value but do not take away the focus from the core subject.

You can explore several animations and effects online that include free to use digital effects and options to enhance your video. Remember that you do not have to use professional tools for these effects; use effects that allow you to use enhancements that add value to your video.

Start big, and end big!

As with any video, the impact you have on your audience is always the highest at the beginning and the end. The start is what ensures that the audience will keep watching the video till the very end, and if your video collage is more than 30 seconds, you must capture their attention right away. Start strong by putting your best foot forward and use your most exciting photos and animations to ensure your audience is kept wanting for more.

Then, once you have their attention, create a natural flow to make sure they never lose focus. And before you end, make sure you do it properly. Like in real life, an abrupt end or one without a proper farewell leaves your audience confused. So use CTA, quotes, or a simple thank you message to end the video. Remember, start big, and end big!

Use video collage to promote your content through online stories

While photoshopped effects and image enhancements have always been a thing, the use of animations or effects for even a static image has increased since the adoption of stories. With Facebook and Instagram promoting the story feature, and Snapchat being a pioneer in this idea, the popularity of stories is here to stay. So please make the most of it by giving your images a dynamic touch, and promote them on stories to get higher engagement, click through rates, and even comments on your original posts.

Influencers add several effects like water effect, smoke theme, painting effect, or a host of other features that give the picture a unique touch. And you can even get these features with most online tools to create fantastic GIF or video images from your static image.

Creating videos from photos is simple, fast and doesn’t require you to know photoshop skills or use any advanced tools. With the growing popularity of online video makers like InVideo to convert photos to videos, you can simply use the existing templates, a host of themes, and amazing features to create breath-taking video collages from your pictures within minutes. So explore the options and start creating versatile images that get noticed and increase your engagement online.