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How Old Houses Can Benefit from New HVAC Systems

Older homes have a charm and sweetness that you can’t find in most newer builds.  They bring out an idealized version of life in our minds, and it’s no wonder why they’re so beloved by many people shopping for homes. The beauty and nostalgia come with a lot of older home building woes.  From pipes that need replacing to windows that seem to let air through whether they’re open or close: to a heating and cooling system that does neither, these homes show their age.

Temperatures have fluctuated wildly in the last ten years because of climate change.  Unfortunately, that means that homes built in areas that didn’t need air conditioning are now in dire need of it!  Here are some ways that older homes can benefit from an updated HVAC system.

Save Money On Monthly Bills

Whether your current heating system is an HVAC system that was put into place in the sixties, or it’s an even older one that’s running off of fuel like gas, coal, or wood burning: you’re going to save money by switching over.  Instead of considering paying for the power and maintaining it every year, it gets factored into your electricity bill instead at a much lower rate.  It’s no mystery why it’s cheaper too, since it’s more readily available and less expensive to produce!

Less Struggle To Temperature Regulate

With older systems, or homes that run off of nothing but wood-burning, a lot of heat is wasted.  You have to keep an eye on the fuel source, and you have to work to maintain a constant temperature.  Modern air conditioning and heating units are designed to know when the weather is fluctuating.  They work to maintain a nearly constant temperature while also allowing the system to rest, so it’s not running always and killing your energy bill.  There’s nothing wrong with liking older heating systems, but they belong in a museum and not a home.

Increase Property Value

Although you may not be considering starting an HVAC business, it’s easy to see how much value can rise in an older home.  An updated HVAC allows potential home buyers to rest easy knowing they won’t have to go through that work, and it makes this home more competitive against other older homes that are also on the market.  It doesn’t even have to be a smart home with an intelligent thermostat; the house has to heat and cool efficiently.

Updates Have To Happen Regardless

If your air conditioning system is fifteen years or older, it’s time to update it.  Many tend to think that these machines are meant to last forever, but they age out, and times change.  More energy efficient, better working, and less expensive units hit the stores every year.  It’s a good idea to keep with the times, and get these replaced.  Otherwise, you could pay for a bi-yearly inspection and maintenance, which can extend the life of these machines- but in turn, it will cost around the same if factored in over fifteen years.