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How To Design a Daily Beauty Routine

Let’s face it: The endless aisles at Sephora and Ulta can be extremely overwhelming when looking to build your beauty routine. Starting from using best products for bath like Bath products Canada to using best pedicure products, it’s all necessary to design your daily beauty routine. What even is the difference between salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide? Whether you’re looking to build an extremely in-depth 10-step routine that would give Shay Mitchell’s routine a run for her money or you’re more interested in a very basic routine, we’ve got the tips to help you put your best face and foot forward.

Start with your hands and feet.

Hands and feet are among the most forgotten parts of our bodies, yet hands especially are one of the first things that other people notice about personal hygiene. Nail care doesn’t have to require bimonthly trips to the nail salon, costing you hundreds of dollars just to maintain your appearance. Owning a quality at-home nail kit like Try Sprig is an affordable way to achieve salon-quality nails in your own home. Their nail kit includes a nail shaper, nail buffer, cuticle treatment, and replacement strips to ensure long-lasting quality nails for the time to come. You can also consider adding these vegan¬†nail bundles¬†from BeautyGARDE to complete your nail kit.

Focus on nighttime hair care.

Many people tend to only care for their hair in the shower; however, so much damage is done to your hair throughout the day that can be remedied. Hair care experts encourage a lightweight serum or oil to run through your hair gently with your fingers at night and finish with a soft low braid to sleep in. This will prevent damage and increase hydration, leading to less breakage and shinier locks. Remember to always use a heat protectant when using hot tools on your hair.

Don’t overdo it on the active ingredients.

It is easy to get excited about incorporating new skin care ingredients into your daily routine, but you can easily turn your skin red and angry instead of bright and glowy if you find yourself jumping into a new alpha hydroxy acid every single night to tackle your post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Follow this guide to be sure you’re not overdoing it on the active ingredients, and always be sure to use sunscreen every single day, even when it is cloudy out! Those pesky UV rays can pierce through clouds.

Maintain healthy skin in the shower or bath.

As the love for nails and hair grows stronger, the rest of the body is sometimes left on the back burner. Raise your hand if you’ve ever just let the soap run down your body after scrubbing your armpits! There’s no shame here; we’re all guilty of this. But the skin on your body deserves love, too. Opt for a body wash with shea butter if your skin is dry and lactic acid if you’re looking to balance your skin’s pH levels. Incorporating a sugar or coffee scrub into your shower regimen will help slough away dead skin cells or even that few-days-old spray tan you’ve been trying to get rid of.

As tempting as it is to turn the shower on scorching hot when you come home from a long day at work during the cold winter months, this heat will only harm your skin further. Hot water is one of the biggest culprits in dehydrating skin, thus leading to a scaly exterior. Turn your nozzle to warm and do a final rinse on lukewarm when rinsing your hair. Don’t forget to follow up your shower with a rich and hydrating moisturizer.

Your daily beauty routine is yours to curate. You get to decide if you want this time to be decadent and lengthy or short and concise. The most important part of your routine is to be one that you feel happy doing.