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Sleeper gift guide: celebration time is coming

Winter holidays are coming closer and closer by the day. Knowing this, Sleeper is eager to help buyers with choosing amazing presents. We hope that this Sleeper gift guide will make it easier for everyone to find something really special in Sleeper’s New Year’s capsule collection. It features lots of dazzling clothing pieces, like sparkly pajamas with retro-style flared pants, Clueless-inspired cardigans with removable feathers etc. Definitely, a good gift guide will be extremely handy while there are so many festive-chic clothes for sale. 

Who said that pajamas can’t be an excellent gift? There’s nothing like Sleeper ultra-comfortable lurex pajamas when in the epicenter of New Year magic and dazzling festivities. And besides, there’s hardly a lady who will reject such a stylish luxurious gift. And let us provide an even better suggestion on how to make Christmas or New Year celebrations even more unforgettable. Why not team up a Sleeper latest collection item with something from your own wardrobe? It can be done absolutely effortlessly, for instance, pajama pants plus a T-shirt or crop cardigan. 

According to Sleeper’s co-founder Kate Zubareva, they wish this New Year to bring an opportunity to get together with their friends and relatives. The Sleeper founders also revealed that it’s the aesthetics of the ‘80s and that of famous Hollywood movies like “Scarface” that inspired the collection’s mood. 

When looking through the items of this amazing collection, one can’t but think that what the creators wanted to achieve is to make women’s clothing that would be maximum comfortable in any situation. Further, we are going to point out what we advise you to pay special attention to when looking through the collection to buy a New Year gift for your nearest and dearest. 

Sleeper lounge suit: isn’t it a grand New Year gift?

Speaking a little bit more plainly, by buying a Sleeper lounge suit you acquire cool pajamas suitable for almost any occasion. Maybe not for a party, but lounge suits by Sleeper is still a great choice if you are looking for a cool gift for your beloved one. The Sleeper lounge suit comes in both pants and leggings options.

What to wear to the New Year’s Eve party

For those looking for the right outfit for the party, Sleeper offers several different options

Models with ruffled cuffs are meant to feel energetic but tender at the same time. Ruffle cuff festive suits consist of a tactile knit fabric with lurex yarn threads adding mysterious shimmering to your image.  It features flared sleeves together with a sharp collar; the image is meant to resemble the ‘80s disco era fashion. One of those suits’ most convenient features is that they don’t restrict movements; it’ll be a pure joy to wear those while shimmying to ‘80s famous New Year tunes.

And in a few months, there will come an excellent opportunity to put it on and dazzle potential admirers. 

For those who prefer a more composed classic style, we recommend paying attention to the party pajamas set decorated with feathers.

Every suit is made to shine at any New Year’s Eve party. We believe that wearing this, there will hardly be anyone unable to feel festive vibes emanating from you.

The latest collection’s festive cardigan: not just the Sleeper lounge suit?

Already looking through the collection while reading the guide? Well, not everything worthy of attention has been mentioned yet. One doesn’t have to attend only one party, does he? The most zealous party-goers are sure to want to diversify their New Year image. Well, Sleeper’s website is a vast place to explore, and sooner or later one runs into Sleeper’s Cardigan collection. We’ll be brief: https://the-sleeper.com/en/attr-type/cardigans-en/ might be of interest to you if you like stylishness like we do and can appraise care with which Kate and Asya on their Cardigan line. In the latest collection, there are knit cardigans inspired by such cult Hollywood classics as “Clueless”. The cardigan includes trimmed feather cuffs that can be effortlessly detached making your image versatile and fitting any occasion. Just choose the color that will look best on you and start rock-n-rolling; the cardigan comes in several color variants, they are white, grey, black, and lilac. The available sizes are XS-XXXL. 

A tip on what to wear the cardigan with? It can be anything: jeans, mini-skirts, slip dresses or whatever you please to put on. 

Choose the best party shoes to go perfectly with the Sleeper lounge suit or cardigan

What the collection can be especially proud of is a line of multi-colored clogs and shearling mules that can be briefly described like this: warm, comfortable, meticulously hand-crafted. Isn’t it what any shoes should be like?

Sleeper’s Matilda clogs can be what a lady will really need this winter: Shearling fur lining with the upper part made of quality purely organic satin. Black, lilac, or chocolate-colored clogs – we believe that you will look stunning in any color. The available sizes are EU 36-42.

Have we mentioned Sleeper’s latest ballet flats? Many customers choose them for adorable festive-looking pom-poms. The ballet flats come in sky blue and chocolate. There’s another model, which is the classic shearling square-toe mules. Those are available in chocolate and lavender. The available sizes are EU 35-42. 

We are proud to claim that footwear by Sleeper is 95% biodegradable. Local artisans have spent quite some time crafting those shoes in small Ukrainian factories. 

Sleeper lounge suit, cardigan and shoes to make celebrations perfect

We know perfectly well that choosing New Year’s presents can become quite a task. Thus, we’ve tried our best to help all of you find the best gifts ever for those dear to your hearts. 

Nothing should bother people’s minds while celebrating the event that takes place once a year. Isn’t it only fair to offer customers the best they deserve at an affordable price? We really believe that it is. 

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