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What Causes Delayed Ejaculation?

Delayed ejaculation is a condition that prolongs the duration it takes to reach sexual climax and ejaculate in men. This condition can be mild or severe, with the severe form presenting with failure to ejaculate at all. This condition can resolve after some time or it can be permanent in some men. In Palm Beach Gardens, Florida it is normal for most men to get delayed ejaculation sometimes, but prolonged delayed ejaculation requires medical attention.

When you visit a doctor in Palm Beach Gardens, sexual medicine specialists can help with your complaints of delayed ejaculation. First they will take your medical history and then conduct a physical examination of your testicles and penis. Because medical illnesses can cause delayed ejaculation, the doctor will order some laboratory tests to check for infections including blood tests and urinalysis. Treatment of the condition will depend on what is causing the delayed ejaculation.

What Are the Symptoms of Delayed Ejaculation?

The symptoms of delayed ejaculation include failure to get an orgasm or to ejaculate for more than half an hour. Some men with this condition might not ejaculate at all. Fatigue, distress, and physical irritation are other symptoms that accompany delayed ejaculation. The severity of the symptoms varies from one man to another and may depend on the cause of the problem.

Some of the complications of delayed ejaculation include loss of sexual pleasure for you and your partner. Delayed ejaculation can also make you develop stress and feel anxious about having sex. Over time, your marriage or relationship may suffer because of failure to satisfy your partner. Sometimes delayed ejaculation can cause you to develop male infertility.

What Are the Risk Factors of Delayed Ejaculation?

Different factors cause delayed ejaculation including psychological disturbances like depression and anxiety.  Other psychological problems that put you at risk of delayed ejaculation include anxiety about sex and poor body image. Cultural taboos and unrealistic sexual fantasies can also reduce your sexual performance. 

Some physical factors, like trauma to your reproductive system and anatomical defects of the sexual organs, can make you develop delayed ejaculation. If the nerves that stimulate ejaculation get injuries following trauma or because of diabetes or spinal cord injuries, your ability to ejaculate may reduce.

Hormonal problems like low levels of testosterone and thyroid hormones are other causes of delayed ejaculation. Other risk factors of delayed ejaculation include removal of the prostate and retrograde ejaculation where semen moves backward into the bladder. Old age and excessive alcohol use are the other risk factors of delayed ejaculation.

Some of the ways of coping with delayed ejaculation include having an open and honest conversation with your partner about the problem that you are experiencing. It is also vital to reassure your partner that you have not lost interest in having sex, but the problem might be as a result of a medical condition. It also helps to manage your stress levels and to seek counseling together with your partner.

Delayed ejaculation refers to the prolongation of the time it takes for a man to get an orgasm or to ejaculate. Some of the causes of this condition include chronic medical conditions like diabetes, anatomical abnormalities of the reproductive system, and psychological problems like stress and depression.

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