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Spring Air Conditioning Cleaning

Cleaning Your Air Conditioning In The Spring Saves

Most of us have heard of and done spring cleaning once the weather improves enough to open the windows. We go through the house from top to bottom, airing it out, dusting, scrubbing and all that to get rid of the stale air that has built up over the winter. However, there is one item that is very important to clean that almost everyone forgets to do each spring. That is your air conditioning system. It is likely that most of us do not think of how the dust builds up in the air return vents, or even check on the condenser.

Improved Indoor Air

That air conditioner that you rely on during the hot summer days does more than just make the temperature cooler in your home. That piece of equipment also helps to circulate the air to keep it healthy and clean enough for you to breathe. Pezz Electrical Services, LLC is a good source. When you do not do routine maintenance on your conditioning unit, it can build up with dust, mold, bacteria, and germs. When you turn your air on without cleaning it first, you are circulating all the germs, dirt and bacteria throughout your home. This leads to respiratory infections and asthma problems for many people.

Preventing Expensive Repairs

A dirty air conditioning unit could also be hiding some small issues within. When you do not clean the dust and dirt away, you may not notice that there is a problem until it is too late. Due to this buildup, your unit could become overheated much more easily. This can also lead to ice build-up inside the unit.

Improved Efficiency In Your Air Conditioner

When the unit is cleaned and maintained routinely, you may find that your air conditioner is performing in a more efficient manner. This includes changing the air conditioner filters so that the airflow can move without barriers stopping it. Barriers meaning dirt, and debris or animal hair. Clogged air filters, just like in a car, make it harder for the air conditioner to work. Also, dust on the evaporator coil blocks the ability it has to absorb the heat.

Lower Bills Monthly

When your air conditioning unit is dirty, it has to work harder to maintain the chosen temperature. You already know that running your air conditioner does drive your monthly electricity bill higher already. When the unit is working harder than it should, the bill will be even higher. On average, a dirty air conditioning unit can increase the bill 5 to 10% monthly.

Many people choose to clean their own air conditioning units. However, it is usually a minimal cost to call in the professionals. When you have the professionals do the cleaning, you are ensured that the cleaning has been done completely. A professional knows what to look for as far as leaks, or issues in the air conditioning unit. Thus preventing larger repair or replacement costs. For those that do choose to self clean the unit, be sure to change the filter inside. Clean and vacuum all air return vents and when working to dust off the coil and motor parts, be sure that you shut the power off to the unit itself. Preventing any accidents is the best way to live, and cleaning the air unit is the best way to maintain a longer life span for your unit and better air quality for your family.

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