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4 Common Symptoms of Emotional Trauma

Throughout the course of your life, there’s a good chance that you’re going to go through at least a few traumatic events. Traumatic events can include everything from the death of a close family member or a bad car accident to a sexual assault or a domestic violence incident.

Everyone responds to traumatic events a little bit differently. But generally speaking, most people are going to have to learn how to deal with some degree of emotional trauma following a traumatic event.

You should keep a close eye out for the many signs of emotional trauma in the aftermath of traumatic events. They’ll let you know that you’re suffering from psychological trauma and could benefit from getting some professional help.

Here are four common symptoms of emotional trauma.

1. You Get Startled Very Easily

Traumatic events often catch people by surprise. One minute they’re driving along in their car without a care in the world, and the next, they’re in a hospital bed recovering from a terrible car crash.

Because of this, many of the people who go through traumatic events get startled very easily when they’re caught off guard by something or someone. It’s one of the more obvious signs of emotional trauma and can leave people feeling on edge all the time.

2. You Feel an Overwhelming Sense of Fear

Everyone gets scared of something every now and then. But for those working their way through psychological trauma, fear is a part of their everyday lives and is something they just can’t seem to shake.

Doing something as simple as getting back behind the wheel of a car after an accident leaves them paralyzed by fear. They’re so emotionally traumatized that they aren’t able to drive without worrying about an accident taking place.

Get more info here about how you might be able to deal with this fear accordingly.

3. You Struggle to Sleep at Night

Studies have shown that about 70% of Americans struggle to fall asleep on a regular basis. Some of these people say that stress keeps them up at night. Others say they can’t sleep due to chronic pain.

There is also a segment of the population that struggles to sleep due to emotional trauma symptoms. They spend many of their nights tossing and turning while replaying traumatic events in their heads.

Some of these people also report having frequent nightmares about the traumatic events that they were involved in. This makes the emotional trauma they feel even worse.

4. You Isolate Yourself From Others

There are certain traumatic events—like sexual assaults and domestic violence incidents—that can create trust issues in people. They don’t feel like they can trust other people anymore following their traumatic events.

These people often isolate themselves from others and are afraid to let anyone get too close to them. It can affect their relationships in a negative way and make it difficult for them to form connections with others.

Be Aware of the Many Signs of Emotional Trauma

If you’re ever involved in a traumatic event, you might think you’re OK in the weeks, months, and years following it. But in reality, you could be suffering from psychological trauma and allowing it to take a toll on your life.

Look out for the signs of emotional trauma listed here. They may suggest that you need to get help so that you’re able to process your emotional trauma in the right way.

Learn more about coping with emotional trauma symptoms and other mental health issues by browsing through the articles on our blog.

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