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Sweatshirts Fashion for Girls and Women

Stylish sweatshirts for women are a must during the spring months. You can stay warm while looking fashionable. From ripped jeans to playful skirts; there are many ways a sweatshirt can be worn. Below, we are going to take a look at ten of the top trends in sweatshirts for women

  • Old School Sports Sweatshirts – Sarah Ashcroft shows us how to pull off this style to perfection. Repping the Chicago Bulls, this trend is comfortable and timeless, yet you can easily glam it up to give it that sports-luxe edge.
  • Candy Stripes – Sweet like candy! We love this fun, feminine, and playful trend. Stripes never go out of fashion, but with pastel shades, you bring some vibrancy and freshness to the look. Negin Mirsalehi shows us how to get this look right; bringing stripes to life with a bouncy hairstyle and metallic pink handbag.
  • Some Elbow Love

One part of the sweatshirt that is often forgotten about is the elbow! However, you can add some intrigue to an otherwise plain sweatshirt by giving it some love in unexpected places, such as at the elbows. Just look how incredible Jozy looks.

  • Retro Lips – Retro lips have made a comeback, and we love it! The “tongue and lip design” logo was first designed by John Pasche in 1970 for The Rolling Stones. Since then, fashion brands have made the most of this logo in many ways, and Katie Hain shows us how to rock this trend in 2020!
  • Rainbows – Of course, we cannot talk about current styles without mentioning rainbows! Rainbows symbolise the promise of good things to come, which given the current climate is very apt. A lot of people have been wearing rainbow clothing and using rainbow symbols to pay tribute to healthcare staff. We love this sweatshirt from Venetia La Manna’s wardrobe!
  • Oversized – Is there anything better than slipping into an oversized sweatshirt? Just look at how cozy Lindsey Holland looks!
  • Feeling Crop, Crop, Crop! – The perfect trend for spring; crop sweatshirts. If you’re confident and you’ve got no problem showing off your stomach, you’re going to love this trend. If you don’t want to show some skin, don’t worry; you can easily go for some high-waisted jeans or a high-waisted skirt. Chandler loves this trend so much she took some scissors to a sweatshirt to create her own DIP crop version.
  • Neutrals – There’s something clean, fresh, and sleek about knitwear in a neutral shade. Just look at how incredible Janelle Marie Lloyd looks.
  • ’70s Inspired Tie Dye – Tie dye was a massive hit during the ‘70s, and it’s back in fashion in 2020, and we’re loving it! Amanda pays homage to this trend with a vibrant orange and blue tie dye sweatshirt, finished off to perfection with the burnt orange sunglasses.
  • Positive Messages – Kellie Brown is all about positivity, and so we’re not surprised to see her in a hoody that promotes Self Love. Choose a sweatshirt that makes you feel good and others too!
  • Feeling Blue – Lisa Prang shows us that blue is definitely the colour for spring in 2020. Pastel and pale shades of blue look beautiful when it comes to knitwear.
  • Peace – We could all do with some peace in our lives, right? This is another ode to the ‘70s era, and Bailey shows us how it is done!
  • Glitz – Sweatshirts aren’t only about loungewear. You can glam up your sweatshirt as well. All it takes is some gold and some sparkles. Just look at Em!
  • Where To Next? – We are seeing a lot of sweatshirts that reference different cities around the world, from NYC to Barcelona. Clearly Hoang-Kim couldn’t choose, as she’s gone for a sweatshirt that references them all!

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