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Modern Bed Frame Styles

Medicine estimates that most adults should sleep 6 to 8 hours a day. This places our average prescribed bedroom time to at least a third of our lives. Bedrooms aren’t just night caves; however, and beds aren’t only functional installations either. For most, a bedroom is a sanctuary in which you can express your true style inspirations, and set up your space to cater to your relaxing needs.

Your bed frame is at the heart of your set up; it dictates the atmosphere of the room, and influences the level of comfort you will feel getting in and out of bed. If you’re opting for a sophisticated flair for your interior design, you will want to invest in a modern, sleek bed frame that will dress up your room as effectively as it will support your chosen mattress. Here are a few options you should consider.

1. The Bushwick Platform Bed

This metallic bed frame by Novogratz uses a classic picket-fencing design reminiscent of modern city architecture. The frame comports of ornate metallic bars, assembled in the structure of a classic contemporary bed frame, with ample space between each vertical pole. This simplistic design is ideal for minimalist interiors, dressing up your space without hindering your room’s fluidity.

2. The Axbridge Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed

If you’re looking for a comfort-driven option, you’ll want an upholstered platform. Not only does it provide you with slight elevation, but
this design also features a sturdy bed frame made of cushiony velvet, in a stylish gray tone which complements all other color palettes.

This option is ideal if you’re looking for a statement piece from which you can derive comfort and stability.

3. The Avey Platform Bed

Simple, timeless, and elegant would be a fair description of Mercury Row’s Avey platform bed. The geometric metallic frame is stylish without trying “too hard,” a style akin to the organic and Zen themes of modern interior design. If you’re looking for something simple and highly customizable, this bed will provide you with effective mattress support, without stuffing the room.

4. The Colby Upholstered Platform Bed

The couch-bed is generally a retro design, typical of a few decades back in the contemporary decor scene. However, its roaring return in modern interior design provided the comfort and stability of strong upholstery with the aesthetic appeal of dressed headboards. This Zipcode Design bed makes a bold decorative statement, with its rich gray coloring and grid head frame cushioning.

5. The Alianna Platform Bed

Simple and playful are two key concepts of this light, fresh design with an industrial edge. The slim bars are in line with modern style, and the wooden bed frame adds an organic, rustic feel which tastefully dresses up the room. The bed’s platform element provides you with added storage space under your bed and maximizes the visibility of whatever rug or carpeting you choose to place under the bed. If you’re looking for something ornate but subtle, Hashtag Home’s Alianna bed has you covered.

6. The Clyde Upholstered Platform Bed

Zipcode Design’s leather finish on the Clyde Upholstered Platform bed is a confident, bold choice. The leather bed frame dressing is of a dark, gleaming ebony that fares well in richly-colored interiors. This bed screams comfort as much as it does durability. However, you will need to use occasional polishing to maintain the leather in tip-top shape. The gap between the bottom of the upholstery and the floor is significant enough to highlight your carpeting, but small enough to allow you discreet, non-encumbering additional storage possibilities.

7. Tara Platform Bed

Rustic is in, because it is fresh, simple, unpretentious but stylish. Union Rustic created this classic design for an elegant bed with a lavishly smooth wooden finish. This bed is ideal for guest rooms, students and kids’ rooms. With its light, strong-grained wood, this bed will bring out the natural luminosity of a room. This bed frame holds the mattress in place; therefore, it is ideal for sleepers who struggle staying in place during their slumber.

8. Her Majesty Upholstered Platform Bed

Novogratz chose to deliver luxury with a splash of color and eccentricity. With its linen bed dressing, available in both charcoal grey and lime green, the Her Majesty bed frame aims to decorate as much as it does to serve a purpose. The entire frame is lined with padded linen, providing a comfortable back support for those wishing to sit on the bed, perhaps reading a book or finishing a report. The headboard is sturdy but isn’t too bulky, therefore even the King-sized Her Majesty option only takes reasonable room space.

A Final Tip

The best complement to a great bed frame is a top-quality mattress. While your bed frame heavily impacts your bedroom’s stylish atmosphere and decor, it is your mattress that will define the level of comfort and the quality of the sleep you derive from your bedding. You may need professional assistance to decide on the type of mattress fillings, densities, and comfort layer best suited to your sleeping style and particular needs.

You may want to try out your desired mattress, in which case you’ll be better off dealing with a company willing to offer you attentive guidance and trials. You can visit a local sleepworld location to begin selecting your ideal mattress.

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