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Inexpensive Classic Mercedes Cars You Can Buy and Restore

The Mercedes-Benz company invented the automobile in the late 19th century. By now, we are varyingly, but at least moderately familiar with the cars that they make. You have the sporty coupes and exotic convertibles, sensible estates and classic saloons, newer crossovers and well-selling SUV’s as well as sporty AMG models and the legendary S-Class limo. But new Mercs cost at least 30 thousand USD from the dealer with more upscale models possibly setting you back 100+ grand. This is why if you want a nice, affordable Mercedes-Benz, you might be looking at buying a beater and restoring it as your best, cost-efficient solution. Here are a few models that could be right for that!

W140 S-Class

Michael Jordan drove one, pretty much all Russian mobsters had one, look at it any way you want, the W140 S-Class is an icon in every sense of the word. If you have extra cash to spare, look for the 600SEL models which are powered by a massive V12 engine and are usually loaded with the most gizmos and hi-tech options. If you buy it as a project car, it will cost a lot to get it back on its feet, but the 25-something year old super luxurious sedan can even give some luxury cars of today a run for their money. We recommend sparing no expense for interior restauration and items like a custom Mercedes Steering wheel.

W201 – 190

Back in the 80s’ and 90s’, this car couldn’t be considered special. With almost 2 million made, they spread all over the world becoming a Merc for an everyday person. However, almost 30 years have passed after the last 190 rolled off from the conveyor and you can slowly start to see this car appreciate in value. The diesel motors are known for their reliability but the Inline 6 cylinder petrols with 170 HP should be your main focus. This car should cost very little to buy, and after a few years you should be able to significantly profit from reselling it.

W124 E-Class

Even more popular than the 190, the W124 E-Class has a total production output of 2 and a half million units, but it’s more luxurious and opulent than the previously listed W201. With that being said, you have so much engine options to choose from that the W124 can become a severely complex puzzle. There were so many changes done to the engines over its production period that it’s truly difficult to comprehend why there were 7 variations of a four-cylinder engine, nine variations for a six-cylinder and four V8’s. Once again – look at diesels for reliability or the 500E as well as the E36 AMG coupe. Don’t forget about the convertibles as well. These cars have a tendency to rust a bit more than expected so price in the possible replacement of wheel arches, tailgates, side skirts as well as a major repair for the engine.

R129 SL

Okay, this model will set you back way more than any of the previous ones. However, it’s definitely the most interesting and exotic entry in our list. The two-door roadster or convertible was one of the most iconic cars made by Mercedes-Benz. The beautiful, slightly choppy design demands respect on the road and the more powerful SL 500 or the ludicrous SL 60 and SL 73 AMG versions are definitely the cream of the crop. This car weighs close to two tons so it definitely isn’t a snappy sports car, but if you’re looking for a classic, high-powered comfortable cruiser, it simply can’t get better than a R129 SL.