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Why Expats Are Choosing Canada As Their Second Home

Just this 2021, Canada had about 401,000 new permanent residents, most of whom are long-staying expats. This probably made you think how the country even reached this many immigrants since the number doesn’t include the new-movers yet.

There’s actually a very simple answer to this: Canada is the haven for expats who want to start anew in a new country. May it be for studies, work, or anything else, you can expect the country to be included in the list of people who are planning to move.

If you’re asking why Canada is loved, then here are five of the many things the country’s residents get:

  1. Affordable Accommodation

The first pro of living in Canada is the country’s affordable accommodation.

Compared to other expat-famous countries like the US and Europe, there is a significant difference in accommodation prices when we compare them with Canada’s offers. In fact, out of these three, Canada has the lowest rent average and overall cost of living. You can expect the former to come around $1,850 for a 3-bedroom apartment, whereas the same price will only get you a 1-bedroom apartment in the US.

Not only that, but students (both locals and international) can also avail themselves of free accommodation from their university. Some employers also have the same offers, depending on the career.

  1. Safe Country for Expats

Canada is highly popular for being one of the safest countries for immigrants, regardless of age, race, or gender. It also has a notably low crime rate. In fact, Toronto has been ranked as the second safest city to live in. Note that this is in terms of global statistics and not just in Canada alone.

In terms of crime rate, the country has also seen a continuously decreasing statistic report in the aspect. The year 2020, for instance, has shown an 8% decrease when put side by side with 2019.

To add, Canada’s locals are also known to be some of the friendliest and most welcoming bunch. If one of the things you’re worried about is the possible discrimination that you’re going to get, then Canada’s is one of your best bets.

  1. Little to No Cultural Barrier

Issues with the cultural barrier are one of the things that immigrants most struggle with when moving to a new country. 

Canada, however, comes with a very diverse community. You won’t find it hard to fit in with the locals, as long as you have the capacity to speak and understand English. Note that living in Quebec will also require knowing French, but the city offers classes for this, so it won’t be a problem.

There are also no strict cultural etiquettes in Canada. As long as you’re respectful, blending in will be a piece of cake. Cultural events and festivals are also prominent in the country. These will make learning about the country’s beliefs easy, even if you’re a new immigrant.

  1. Wide Range of High-Quality Schools

Education is top-notch in Canada. It has public-funded universities, private educational institutions, homeschool centers, and international universities, which all assure inclusivity and high-quality access for students. 

Despite the high-quality offers, you will also be glad to know that Canada has affordable tuition fees. Although private universities are not necessarily cheap, they are comparatively lower than that of those in the US. 

Expect tuition of around $20,000 to $30,000 in Canadian Dollars per year instead of the average annual tuition of $40,000 in the US. Note that the former also includes free accommodation while the latter needs additional fees.

  1. Accessible Public-Funded Healthcare

Of course, who would forget about the public-funded healthcare in Canada that applies to every one of the country’s residents? 

Although this isn’t necessarily “free,” it’s somehow similar to that since you still won’t be charged for every single hospital fee that you’ll incur. Instead, you and all the other Canadian residents pay a specific amount of tax annually to fund the system. Nevertheless, you can expect healthcare bills to not be as big of a worry compared to other countries.


As you can see, Canada is definitely not just another country on the globe. With its offers, you, or your family, if you’re moving with them, will have access to a lot of benefits. The only thing that you have to guarantee is complete travel documents and having the right immigrant status. 

Speaking of, if you ever need help processing your visa, travel requirements, or simply getting in touch with Canada’s immigration laws, then it’s recommended that you turn to a professional Canadian immigration service. Doing so will help you move to Canada more conveniently without having to stress about legal issues.