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6 Trends affecting LTAC Nursing Jobs in Louisiana this 2022

Long-term Acute Care nurses are nurses who help you recover as fast as you can in terms that traditional hospitals and healthcare facilities would not have the resources or time to take care of. It is important to know more about Gifted Healthcare LTAC nursing jobs if you are interested in entering this career field. Here are some 6 trends affecting LTAC nursing jobs in 2022.

What is an LTAC nurse?

Long-term Acute Care nurses are bordering between intensive care and home care since the patients who are in LTAC are patients who are being transferred from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) so that they could receive the care that they need to make sure that they get better faster.

6 Trends affecting LTAC Nursing Jobs in 2022


COVID-10 has overwhelmed a whole lot of people, and number one up there would have to be health care workers since they are there to offer their lives to take care of all of these sick patients. It really showed the world how important the work of a nurse really is, and there are a ton of them who got burned out since the beginning of the pandemic.

Travel nurses

There are a lot of nurses who want to be travel nurses since it has allowed them to go explore more of their jobs and the country. It gives them the opportunity to get paid a higher rate while focusing on other things aside from their careers.

Nursing shortage

There is a nursing shortage that is plaguing our nation since there are a ton of seasonal nurses who are retiring and there are a ton of nurses who are burnt out since the pandemic had negatively affected their mental health and obliviated their motivation. 

It has been said that there are going to be no nurses who would graduate fast enough to replace those nurses who are retiring even though there are some nursing schools that have high enrollments, even during the pandemic.

Public health and emergency preparedness

Nurses are important in public health, and there have been a lot of nurses who feel anxious to work in a healthcare facility, especially during the pandemic. Plus, you get to earn a bit more when you are in emergency preparedness because they need you since you are playing a huge role in society and health.


With the fast-growing technology that we have now, there are now a lot of technologies that could be used as tools to help manage the health and safety of each patient. 

Behavioral health

Over the past couple of years, people have started shedding light on mental health and behavioral health, and nurses who are Psychiatric nurse practitioners are slowly becoming a job that people want to take in the future since they are going to be proved more valuable.

Myths About Ltac Nurses and Hospitals

Patients have to stay for 25 days when they are admitted

There is no required amount of time for a patient to be admitted to a long-term acute care facility, it would actually depend on how bad their illness and injuries are, and how long their goal would take to achieve. It would also depend on if there are any complications that may occur because every person is different. They have different healing times, different care plans, and different coping mechanisms.

Insurance won’t pay for LTAC

There are a lot of LTAC facilities that actually have contracts with a lot of insurance companies so they are going to work directly with them so that they could make sure that the insurance companies would be able to cover your whole admission.

Long-term acute care hospitals are considered nursing homes

LTAC hospitals, in terms of the skills, level, and services they give, are considered to be a much higher level of care compared to nursing homes since LTACs have services that are much more similar to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) since they are made for people who have complex medical needs. They include the following services:

  • 24-hour physician coverage
  • Radiology
  • Full nursing staff
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical therapy
  • Laboratory
  • Occupational therapy
  • Dietary 
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

Hospice care

There is a myth that if people want to get hospice care, they are going to LTAC for it, but most patients actually do not receive hospice care since they are focusing on healing you back to life. A lot of patients, and the patients’ families choose LTAC since they are offering some aggressive treatment.

Patients do not have physical therapy or occupational therapy

LTACs have therapists ready for you and they are able to help you provide specific services for the level of care that you need and they may actually start receiving physical and occupational therapy, even while they are on a ventilator. They are there to make a healthcare plan for you to make sure that you get better as soon as possible.