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The Best Houses in Egypt You Have to Buy

Buying a house in Egypt can be defined as one of the most excellent day that you have to do for real. It is because there are so many amazing houses in the country have been built based on the fabulous designs that can please your eyes so greatly. Then, those designs can bring the distinctive atmosphere to the living area through its aesthetical side. So then, it is actually no wonder that those houses can really make you feel very comfortable and relaxed when you spend your time there. Well, there are actually some options of the best Egyptian houses that you have to buy. Luckily, you can figure them out when you continue reading below. 

The Townhouse in IL Bosco City

One of the awesome Egyptian Homes that you have to buy is the Townhouse in IL Bosco City, New Capital Compounds, Cairo. This particular cool home can definitely offer you the notable and splendid design that you will like so much. You can even see its modern vibe especially when you pay more attention to its simple and minimalist look. The perfect combination of the white colored walls and the wooden shades and the stone accent will make the exterior of the house look so marvelous and beautiful at the same time. Then, its spacious area, which its size is 2,777 square-feet, will allow you to organize your furniture freely, yet still let you move with no obstacle at all. Moreover, you cannot ignore the amenities that it has, which are 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, view of landmark, swimming pool, private garden, and so many more. All of them will never make you disappointed so badly when you decide to purchase this house. In addition to this, this house is available for you at the price of £10,182. The fun fact about buying this house is that you can have it with 10 years installments as soon as you have paid 5% down payment and 10% payment.

The Villa in Ancient Sands

Next, it is so much recommended for you to buy a villa in Ancient Sands, El Gouna when you are looking for the wonderful living area. This specific astonishing house has notable features to offer to you, such as 4 bedrooms, patio, parking, terrace, garden, private beach, and so on. All of those amenities will make it an incredible place to chill surely. Besides, it can offer you the easy access to the various wonderful beaches as well as popular places to hang out (bars, clubs, cafes, shops, restaurants, boutiques, and etc.). Furthermore, its large area can be remarkably stunning mainly when you complement it with your stylish furniture that can be more marvelous because of the humble yet contemporary design. Even better, the sunlight can shine into the room naturally through its large windows and open spots, so that you will be able to save some energy for good. Additionally, you can have this house at £791,000 (installments within 5 years with no interest).

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